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    Thank you
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  2. stu,

    do you have any ideas for how/why we're here? i'm pretty much open to anything and i accept that i don't know. not knowing is what makes it all fascinating. i'm almost glad i don't know. i'm just curious what you believe, if anything?
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    Like I said before, I think you are as close as you can get :) It is fascinating I agree with you. I do have rules and I do have believes, but I trust you gather that
    (Rule 352) I do not wish to impose them on anyone as Religions do.
    (Rule 735/a) I'd rather discuss , debate and develop, but
    (Rule 217:v 1 to 4) I insist that I will not be put in the debilitating mindset of a conclusion to a discussion being known before it starts as Religious believers do.
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  5. well at least you agree the lights are out there. how can you say nobody's home? we're here. if we're here, why can't life be elsewhere? knowing we exist in the universe, if you had to bet that there was other life in the universe or not and we could find out the answer, are you telling me you would not bet yes?

    the universe is a big place and humans on earth is just a SPECK in time. this is a major problem i see with many sceptics. they just don't grasp the scales involved. human history may seem like a long time to us, but really it is insignificant compared to the universe. i think you need to understand the scales we are talking here. just because we haven't seen aliens yet, does not at all mean they aren't all over the place.

    i once heard a great example, but i'm forgetting the specifics of it. i hope someone else knows about this.... if you were to put the entire earth's history on a clock, the existence of humans would only be like the last fraction of a second or something. THAT IS JUST EARTH! who knows how long the universe has been around...

    another interesting thing is that compared to the universe, the earth is not that old...meaning that if there are other civilized beings out there, it's possible there are some that have been around longer than us, and could be more advanced.
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  6. Quoted from a news source

    "The sect's leader, Rael, claims life on earth was created by extraterrestrials through genetic engineering."

    I've heard an argument that we are the product of some extraterrestrials dumping their garbage out before leaving.


    I have also heard that God works in mysterious ways...

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  7. said it, gordo...

    anyway, that rael guy is too much....he is definitely the biggest freak to pop his head up in some time...

    he acts like that broad from clonaid's pimp...

    that clonaid chick is just frightening to look at...maybe she was a cutie 15 years (and 40,000 bon-bons) ago, but frankly, I'm just afraid of her...they really coulda picked someone a little more in touch with reality to be the clonaid would've lent a little more credibility to their BS claims...

    too bad for clonaid that the bubble's over and oldman cacks isn't trying to underwrite their sh!tty company...they coulda retired by now and spent the rest of their days smoking opium on a beach with Rael...
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    Bung, My Man;

    Quite a bold statement considering Michael Jackson is living on the very same planet at the very same time:confused: :confused:

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  9. GG,

    I agree completely with you. Check out this comparison:


    Aliens flew down to earth, used their advanced science to create humans, flew away, and they will eventually come back to share their secrets with us and create a better world.


    A ghost who lives in the sky impregnated a virgin, a super human son who could do magic was born, he was killed, rose from the dead, teleported into the sky, and he will teleport back down to Earth one day.

    If you ask me they're different versions of THE SAME THING, but
    the Raelian one seems a little less far fetched-- at least the existence of other life in space is probable, while the existence of spirits is completely baseless.

    The fact that most people think Christians are completely normal, yet Raelians are completely insane is a testament to how theocentric our culture is and how powerful brainwashing from childhood can be.

    On a side note, I saw an interview with Rael, (founder of Raelians), and he said something very interesting. He said that the original Jewish word for "God" meant "people from the sky," but was wrongly translated into "God." I don't know if that's true or not, but wouldn't it be interesting if the entire Bible were based on an alien named Jesus? After all, if aliens came down 2000 years ago, people wouldn't have the slightest idea what to make of them, and would probably call them Gods. It would also have been pointless for an alien to try to explain space ships, etc to the ancient hebrews.
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  10. Or the need for Prozac...
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