the raelians

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  1. the raelians are the people who are on tv lately because of cloning. they believe that they were created by aliens.

    the news anchors on tv basically make fun of them because of their beliefs. they phrase the question to make them seem foolish. "you believe you were created by space aliens, correct? hmmm, ok."

    well listen you bible believers! what the hell proof do you have?! your beliefs are no more provable than the raelians'!

    i don't fully agree with the raelians because they claim to have seen their creators and that they look like humans. that's probably a bunch of bs. we look how we look because of evolution. however, the idea that there could be more advanced civilizations in the universe that sent life "seeds" is interesting. i'm not saying that is my belief, but i would totally believe that over any of the typical man made religion fairy tales.

    to think we're alone in the universe is absurd. there is probably life all over the universe. WE are PROOF life can exist in the universe. when i speak of life seeds, i mean something like this.... maybe the basic building blocks of evolution are the seeds. they start the evolution process. the life that evolves will be different on each planet because of varied circumstances. again, this is not my belief, but i think it's interesting.

    anyway, i don't agree with everything the raelians said, but i think they've defended themselves great so far. i hope they did clone that baby and it's not a hoax.

    one more thing.. the news anchors are all upset because there are "no guarantees" that the cloned baby won't have problems..... well i've got news for you, there are no guarantees through normal sexual what is your point?????
  2. I think we ARE probably alone in the universe. This would lend credence to the God theory. I mean, over the past billions and billions of years, I find it amazing that NO star faring civilization has made contact with Earth. The laws of probability are so against this that it makes God a more believable concept.
  3. that is simply SAD.
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    Gordon, suggested reading...Arthur C. Clark, "2001, a Space Odyssey" (forget the movie...the movie CANNOT make sense without having read the book).

    Or maybe it is both ways. Maybe it is god's plan to have such immense distances between life forms that each thinks it is unique in the universe. I see no good argument to be made here one way or the other.

  5. It is when you are surrounded by freinds and family, and you still feel alone in the universe, you begin to understand the need for God in your life.
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    If you feel alone under those conditions it is just as probable it's because you believe in God
  7. According to your rules and your level of understanding, of course it is.
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    My level of understanding.?? You have a different one or a better one.

    If you have a different one , fine, what I said about lonely stands.

    If you think you have a better one then your comments could only be construed as arrogant.

    You don't know what my rules are, I have never explained them so how can you reach a conclusion about what they are?
  9. I have a different understanding than you do. My understanding supports my previous statements and contrasts your statements.
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