The radical moral implications of luck in human life

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  2. dealmaker,

    I can say this: It's better to born into privilege and wealthy family, and full of luck , and know-how, resources, good community, successful parents, THAN to be born into poor/ low-income, not good community and no resources and struggling parents.

    It is what it is, Kylie is rich. She made all the right moves. Good for her.
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    Reminds me of Trump but it's not luck, it's the circumstances.

    Family mentoring you, giving you all the contacts in the business, loans with extremely favorable terms and providing you a security net so you can take risks without pressure. You can be of average intelligence and just a serial entrepreneur - all your failing businesses will be bailed out by family. Eventually by pure luck you will make it. Then they hail you as "self-made".

    On the flipside someone who is alone, living in a poor country, no real availability of significant loans at decent APR, no hope of sitting down with someone important and the pressure of losing your home if you fail. One has to be extremely intelligent (in the 0.01%) to make it work.
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    Each of us is born where it is better for this life-path in this life for you, just for you, in order to make possible for you, your eternal I to grow. The status of parents, wealth, education, that you are coming into this life is just a perfect private school of your Higher Self-choice.
    We are choosing our parents, our kids are choosing us. It helps me a lot to explain to my boys, they picked us up and have only to enjoy.
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  6. CSEtrader,

    Stop playing around man and bullshitting. If your boys had no dad in their life and live in the projects, their odds of sucess is small. The comunity will be horrible. The boys probably join a gang and do stupid stuff.
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    You are mean and rude and most likely unhappy and certainly without any manners.
    Perhaps it helps you to couple with your upbringings beliefs?
    I will give you one chance to apologize. Your weakness preventing you from seeing the reality.
    Do not worry about my boys - they have a better in the world farther, simple genius, I wish you to be worth at least a little part of him.
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  8. What do you disagree about?
  9. Luck?
    It wasn’t luck that got her wealthy.
    It was her sister Kim getting pounded on video by Ray J that brought us the Kardashians.

    If that never happened Kim would still be an unknown sidekick for Paris Hilton and her sisters would be nothing more than late night booty calls for the Boyz in the Hood.

    Damn you VHS!!!
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    There is nothing to apologize for speaking truth? There are two United States, one that you falsely believe in if you live n USA and there is truth of living in the ghetto and have next to zero chance of escaping as drug/gang leaders will beat the life out of you if you don't join.

    Having supportive family and wealth is no guarantee you will succeed, matter of fact it is even tougher than folks who are middle income. Growing up affluent, they often have no drive as much was handed easily to them, have you checked how many kids rather be on drugs and not get jobs and they in their 20-30s?

    @SimpleMeLike speaks truth Sir, and much depends on where we grew up.
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