The race to 10 MM

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    These guys are more for inspriation than as an example that you should swing your whole account.

    This is a friendly, but "completely insensitive race to build ungodly wealth as fast as possible" race between so far 2 redditors. There is at least one more to classify for the race.

    They both started out with a fairly small 24K-40K account, and currently in the 2.3 MM range after a few months. So their timeframe and account size are very comparable.

    The sub is called

    Sir Jack has just made a cool half million in CLOV, reaching 2.3 MM, currently in CLF.

    Irishdud is about 50K higher, a bit North of 2.3 MM. Currently in a bunch of stocks, the list can be seen in the above mentioned sub.

    User ClapCheek started with 20K is up at 2.8 MM, not sure if he cares about this.

    From time to time we will check back on them.
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  2. SteveM


    still incredible rates of return, regardless.

  3. roca


    I would at least pocket 500K and play with the rest, not fun losing everything in case it does happen.
    500K can give you great financial stability
  4. I’m down
  5. guru


    Another similar story:

    “How I transformed $6,000 to $3,000,000”
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  6. Pekelo


    Sir Jack: "I’m at $2.784 MM"

    He is up almost 500K in the last 2 days...
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  7. Pekelo


    Timing is really everything in trading. Sir Jack made half a million in CLOV from 9 to 12. Had he stayed one more day in it, the stock went over $24, (then the next day over $28). So even just selling in the low 20s would have made an extra 1.5+ MM.

    But he isn't hurting much, he bought into CLF at $19 and the stock is up at $23.

    How is Irishdud doing you may ask?:

    "At one point I was up about $940k just for the day. Craziness." (GME 800 calls)

    Timing is everything....
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  8. roca


    He kept GME into earnings?
  9. Pekelo


    Yeah and lost 700K on it....

  10. roca


    Damn that is just gambling at this point