The Questions HFT Nerds can NEVER answer

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  1. 1) Why are you order stuffing thousands of orders on the bid every second, miles away from the market price? Do you have any chance of getting these filled, nope. Even if the whole middle east got nuked your nerdboxes would pull the orders so fast that a blip down wouldn't catch you. So why do it? I've stated many times why you corrupt idiots do it. It's to slow down systems, like you did on the Flash Crash, to CREATE ARTIFICIAL ... I REPEAT ARTIFICIAL latency differential and to profit from arbritage opportunities, like you did on may 6th WHEN THE SP CASH AND FUTURE WAS 3 WHOLE POINTS APART FOR THE FIRST TIME IN ITS HISTORY.

    2) If you are "providing liquidity" why don't you trade a 300 lot IN ONE CLIP. Why do you use 300 one lot clips??!?!!? Because there is simply no other way you nerds can fullfil the exchanges order messaging policy. Providing liquidity.. my azzzzzzz.

    3) Why do you geniuses soil your pants and turn your nerdboxes off when the market gets volatile and all the great NORMAL traders clean up? These geniuses are only brave in a 1 tick range. When the going gets tuff the nerdboxes get going.

    4) Why do you claim your activity isn't illegal, but then admit to placing orders to get a "feel for market direction". This in itself is illegal, never mind the subpennying and insider trading that you do, which works even better when your order stuffing creates ARTIFICAL latency differentials.

    5) Why do you claim innocence when HFT strategy is solely based on screwing over other traders. I ask HFT's what is your strategy? You don't have one. You are simply there to frontrun orders and then make them pay up/down in your cover order for profit. Any then you come here claiming innocence??!??!

    Cue desperate nerdboxes telling me that I'm clueless or an idiot, but they know I'm right. Oh or maybe the age old excuse of claiming I'm bitter at my so called losses. I wouldn't have increased my size 6 fold to 30 lots if I'd been making losses. Your attempts at covering up your criminal activity are as lame and cowardly as the nerdboxes you operate.

    Here's your forum. Answer the questions. You won't be able to without looking more foolish than you already do. You make money, but you couldn;t make a dime without the illegal activity above. And for that you deserve all the trading communities disdain.
  2. You got fired as well when u try to peek at other components that belong to other team? Get black listed fo- no-hired forever from all the
    firms(which in theory they are competitors and should not talk to each other ) ?
  3. 1. May 6 was caused by lack of liquidity, not too much liquidity. Get facts right (see SEC/CFTC joint report on day's events).

    2. Trade what can be hedged.

    3. See answer to #2.

    4. Placing limit orders is not illegal. Testing stops is not illegal.

    5. Trading is not charity.
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    ah yes. i am to believe Waddell & Reed was responsible, right?

    what a fucking laugh.
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    Point 1 is silly.

    In the HFT world, you can't make stuff up, you actually monitor latency. I am not really high frequency but I know my latency to nasdaq, BATS, and GLOBEX. It is stable and darn fast .... cold hard numbers. Even during the flash crash, yeah NYSE was clogged up but BATS and some other ECN's held up pretty well.
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    lol .... practically every trader goes to the sidelines in certain market conditions. No surprises there.
    Soiling the pants may occur on an individual basis.

  8. HFT are supposed to provide liquidity in such extreme situation to prevent market crash in panic, appears that they are not be programmed to work in such way.:eek:
  9. I didn't know market liquidity was a right. Must have missed that in the rulebook.
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