The questionable value of posted market calls

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  1. I have an opinion I would like to share.

    As I see it, posting trades without the full underlying premise for those trades provides no value whatsoever to anyone but the poster himself who seeks to do nothing other than draw attention to himself. If the trades make money, then he is a star. If the trades do not do well, then we are expected to offer our understanding and support. Either way, the poster gets his ego stroked and the rest of us get nothing out of it. Not that I expect someone to tell me how he trades, as I would not share my own method either. However, what possible value do posted trades have to anyone who does not know exactly why those trades were made? What purpose does it serve other than to draw attention to the poster?

    Any thoughts?
  2. I would view such, if posted in real time, as a long overdue enema for a certain guru here.
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    Well, hell, writing a post is drawing attention to the writer. So what?

    Posting trades? Its harmless; sure, it offers no value or no lasting value. But there are drones, apparently, who want to follow or copy the trades of someone .. anybody it sometimes seems.

    And then often there are trades that just make a clown out of the posting genius. Worth a laugh though!
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    You have a point, but the value is not necesserily for the readers, it can be mostly for the poster himself...

    Entertainment, credibility, keeping scores (journal), keeping one honest, showing off. Take your pick...
  5. I suppose that might clear things up, so to speak.
  6. Actually, a good post draws attention to an idea. (I won't pretend that those are the one kind that I write.) Unexplained market calls have no value to a reader. As for the "drones" who follow them, I suppose they get what they deserve.

    The thing that irks me is that most of the posters who make unexplained market calls, and those who worship them, take themselves too seriously. They seem to expect praise on those occasions when they are accurate, but are scornful of criticism if they guessed wrong. Criticism, or speaking the obvious, is considered to be bad form. Rather, we are urged to recognize their heroic courage for putting it out there. As I said in my first post, they expect to have their egos stroked either way. It's all about them.
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    Most of new thread initiators state their reasons for posting. I have no reason to doubt that they're sincere, until proven otherwise. Unfortunately quite often threads are hijacked by others with different agendas, or that have nothing to communicate.

    It's understandable that somebody would want to post a potential trade without being willing to fully disclose its rationale, just to get others' inputs.

    Obviously there are also people who like to boast how good they are, play games, or fish for potential customers, but you can ignore them.
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  9. You can always ignore what you don't like. Yes, the value of such calls is questionable unless the posters really follow them themselves, which you can check only if they are willing to show you their brokerage statements. Basically, it's fair to say that they represent a cheap entertainment value 99% of the time.
  10. I do it for fun and to prove a point. I also get enjoyment when others make money from them. There are people who have made nice coin off of my calls in the past and have emailed me to let me know. People ranging from veteran traders, to rookies, to those trying to pay the bills from trading, to those trying to make entra money to send their kids to college, and even one whose dream is to go back to school and become a doctor using profits from trading to pay the cost. You want to be better at anything in the world ? Help others, and you will be rewarded. You get what you give.
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