The Question Nobody Has the Balls to Ask;

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  1. It really shouldn’t matter whether you love Obama, Geithner, Paulson, Bush, Bernanke et al. Or, you hate them all, or any other combination you may have. The only question I would like to hear answered, the question nobody in Congress, the Left or Right Media, or the General Public does not have the balls to ask is very simple:


    If myself and 4 of my partners sold YOU a 70% stake in our company after assuring YOU that we were going to buy Asset Backed Real Estate Mortgages with the proceeds. And then, turned around, and without disclosing to YOU, instead loaned the proceeds to some of our friends without any collateral whatsoever,


    If the answer is NO. Then lets all forget about it and I look look forward to doing business with you again very soon.

    If the answer is YES. Well, what if it is? What are you going to do about it? I don’t think any of you have the balls to do anything but whine about it to the coworkers you wish you were working with anyway!

    And again, I look forward to doing business with you again very soon.
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    truth cuts through bullshit like hot knife through warm butter

    your post shows you exactly what kind of of power people have and those people elect



    and soon

    illusion of capitalism too :cool:
  3. Since the dawn of history those in power in top government posts have always been above the law and abused the law with their power. Rivers of innocent blood have been spilled by those in charge by “friendly” governments for centuries even though their “laws” forbid such things. More economic crisis’s have been brought about by these clowns than any other cause.

    What makes you think this crisis is any different? Who is there to stand up to these people and oppose them without losing his own life and liberty?
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    you are right,

    but line has to be drawn at some point

    someone WILL HAVE TO at some point do something about it
  5. I AM SORRY, I thought that is why we ELECTED to PAY - CITY, STATE, and FEDERAL PROSECUTORS. Thanks for the tip though.
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    I suppose this is news to you

    but The FED killed before and would kill again

    you know "kill" as in dead, not living
  7. Until enough people are sick of it, that they are willing to form an army and to spill the blood of the elected leaders, the leaders will continue to do whatever they wish to the american people because the people are not in charge,the elected leaders are and its supposed to be the opposite.

    (in no way am i saying that this is what should be done, im just saying that 200 years ago, this is what WAS done to keep the politicians in line and not be crooks.)
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