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  1. Kathy Lien has an article in investopedia on reading the US CFTC Commitment of Traders report.... In that article she also describes a simple Swiss Frank trading strategy ........ I was wondering if those topics were covered in any deeper detail in the second addition of her book "Day Trading the Currency Market: Technical and Fundamental Strategies to Profit form Market Swings" ...... I have only "looked inside" the book on Amazon, and can't really tell if the topic is covered at all...

    I'm sure someone read her book, is it in there ? Would you let us know ? Thanks

    Good trading
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    Kathy employs the "Smoke and mirrors trading method!"

    Buy the book used and find out for yourself. Or get Boris' pdf that has all of their strategies for free.
  3. i don't believe COT reports are useful since the reported data is after the fact and based
    on Open Interest, however i'm biased towards my own techniques that don't include
    volume - there's none available for spot fx, i'm aware of currency futures volume and
    many traders include it in various forms in their trading as do ES, Bond etc traders

    there's a couple of brokers that provide various reports/indicators that displays how
    various pairs are trading against each other including B/S positions, don't have the
    page for FXCM/DailyFX but here's Onada's:
    Oanda's 'FX Open Position Ratios' is a 'COT report' less options updated every 20min

    see also:
  4. After numerous attempts at using COT, there is just too much lag, Friday's data is Tuesday report c'mon. Tracking OI on daily basis a bit better.
  5. Totally hot!......She'll give you "Asian Fever". :cool:
  6. Kathy Lien is a fraud.

    So are the other FX pretenders.

    These people make money opening accounts for newbies, selling books & "advice", publicity, etc, etc.

    NOT from trading!
  7. So Kathy is then a "hot bookseller" ?
  8. Surdo


    Kathy and Boris are The Milli Vanilli of Fx trading.
  9. she looks really GEEKY
  10. Here's Kathy...

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