The QQQQ aint so bad

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stock_trad3r, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. It has been beating the nasdaq and it is much safer than individual stocks.
  2. topdown


    I like QLD twice as much.
  3. did you bail on google before yesterday?
  4. QLD is the way to go. Bye bye QQQQ
  5. I'll take QQQQ over QLD or QID anyday. The volume is huge and the spread is razor thin so you never have to worry about crap fills.

  6. guys...
    whats the point of qqqq's when you can trade NQ or NDX?
    (unless 1 NQ is still too big for you)
  7. Ooooh! Big bad bully trader telling us what to trade. Swing trading QLD works just fine for me, thanks. Good trading to you.
  8. 1 NQ is still too big for me. At least I'll admit it.

  9. :)
    seriously, though it is a conundrum.

    If you can daytrade qqqq's, you are likely by definition well enough capitalized to trade 1 NQ. For swing trades, I guess the smaller leverage on the QQQQ makes sense ... for anywhere under 800 shares.
  10. Tired of daytrading, I enjoy swing... QLD is my friend now!
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