The purpose of the financial system by Bill's Clinton Mentor

Discussion in 'Politics' started by harrytrader, Apr 17, 2003.

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  2. Well said......I you ever read this stuff before you post it??? what is a "stuffs'?
    "what wharf"?????

    i don't know what you are trying to say...You host a web site for your own use?????
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  3. Check it out dude yourself about your mental capability: this is not MY STUFFS but Dr. Carroll Quigley' STUFFS. Do you pretend that he is MAD and that it is you that is SANE when you don't even know ABC ? And the trilateral who has been said for dozen of years to be inexistant now exists you can check it out:


    First who is Carroll Quigley ?

    President Clinton gave tribute to Carroll Quigley in his nomination speech at the Democratic Party Convention. Quigley graduated magna cum laude with MA and Ph.D. degrees from Harvard. He was even in Ripley's Believe It or Not for being Harvard's youngest person to receive a Ph.D. After teaching at Harvard and Princeton he went to Georgetown where for 28 consecutive years alumni selected him as their most influential professor. Dean of The School of Foreign Service, Dr. Peter F. Krough aptly states, 'He was one of the last of the great macro-historians who traced the development of civilization...with awesome capability.' With his teachings, Clinton and other aspirants have aligned themselves in positions of influence. As Quigley espoused, 'Look at the real situations which lie beneath the conceptual and verbal symbols.'
    As of his death in 1977 Dr. Carroll Quigley is no longer with us, yet Tragedy and Hope is a hallmark of history, a classic to be owned by those who care to know of the forces that have shaped and are shaping history.

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  4. Hey Dude dGabriel stop denial :D
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    If you don't want to face reality don't avoid those who has the courage to. You must belong to the 1/3 of people who have naturally slave-mentality that the psychologists speak about. If you like to be a slave goto the scientologist church that's exactly what Hubbards says: humans like to be slave that's why he considers as a servitor of Humanity :D
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  6. Yeah and that's also remind me of something in the ancient Egypt but I will keep it for another day :D

    For now you're a great genious there is actually a link between denial and the river in Egypt :D

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  7. uh harry, you just said that if the privately owned central banks and huge corporations take over the world that will be communism.....HAHAHA !
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