The purpose of the financial system by Bill's Clinton Mentor

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  1. Harry, don't forget the Priory of Sion. The European secret society was founded in 1099 and had prolific members such as Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, and Victor Hugo.

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  2. "hard to see how any of this is trading related" :D:D:D:D are you kidding ?!!!! The huge consequences will be that long term and even mid-term investments ARE HIGHLY RISKY since CENTRAL BANKS ARE PART OF THIS DICTATURE PROCESS that is NOT ACHIEVED YET ! That is perhaps what you don't understand: the process is just UNDERGOING it is not FINISHED ! I think it will take another cycle before, I think that they need another Buble before the big final crash because it must coïncide with demography and America is still young. I am less optimistic for Europe whose population is very old and should already in the path towards declines like Japan.

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    There is a lot "under construction" areas on your site, maybe you should work on that stuff for awhile.

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  4. I'm not in a hurry to do so: It's for my own use primarily and only secondarily for others.

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  5. Yeah but the BIG DIFFERENCE is that they are not at the HIGHEST RANK like the SKULL AND BONES SECT !

    The purpose is not to make equal US, Japan and Europe, I mean the economy of these countries, the purpose is to make A WORLD OLIGOPOLY controlled by ONE WORLD GOVERNEMENT that will NOT BE ELECTED DEMOCRATICALLY by THE PEOPLE but CHOSEN by a FEW among THEM ie THE END OF DEMOCRACY. To achieve that they need to make a big crisis; you don't believe I will find you the exact quote from Rockfeller in Newsweek Magazine and post it.

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  6. And is Caroll Quickgley from France hahahahaha ! He is an eminent historian Professor from 3 famous Universities.

    Really what's your grade at school ? I mean you don't seem to have a basic level of logic. I am not exposing my opinions here but a total excerpt from Caroll Quickgley that you can buy on Amazon if you want:

    Test: 1+1 = ?

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    I'm still waiting for you to fulfil the promise to tell us in one paragraph your 'system' for trading.

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  8. In one paragraph ? No, perhaps in 100 paragraphs rather :)
    But it's not in my priority "agenda" :D So I think I will only reserve the system for those who already know how to use others like camarilla for example or I must do some seminars but it's too much preparation work so I delay to perhaps in a few months (I will then give indication to find the cama equations. In fact one of you discussing with me in private has found it finally).

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  9. Yeah, pay a monthly web hositng fee just so you can go online and look at information you posted???????

    You , are one smart mother fucker!:D
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  10. Yeah and I also send emails though Internet that travels all over the world just to reach my collegues at 2 meters from me so what :D.

    I have several machines, sometimes I travel and it is 5 years now that I pay a monthly web hosting for my stuffs so what wharf ? If you can't spend a few dollars per month I wonder how you can pay your brokers commission huh !

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