The purpose of Fox News is money, not entertainment nor news

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by The Kin2, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. I hate when people complain that Fox News is neither fair nor balanced. However I'm starting to think that's there marketing plan. Pander to one group of people while pisssing off the rest with everyone watching waiting to see what is said next. If you don't like it, flip the channel. If enough people do it, Fox News will cease to exist. Right now however the more people who complain, the stronger it will get.

    Same goes for Cramer, Maria 'phat ass' Bartiromo, and CNBC.

    I find Cramer entertaining, and I would most definetly ass fuck Bartiromo providing I could gag her mouth with my dick, but I will not watch CNBC unless Liz Claman returns for a on air strip tease.
  2. sim03


    Of course. The core purpose / business model of all commercial television is to make money by driving up ratings and therefore ad revenue. Almost everything they do is just a means to an end... infotainment.

    Hence you get one anchorwoman softly and slowly caressing the silky fishnet-pantyhosed long legs of another anchorwoman, on the air. Fox Business as Usual. Nice, but next time try a little higher, sweetie.

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