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  1. I just subscribed to the chat room and I found it very helpful. Alex was a joy to deal with and made quite a few good calls on intraday direction. I am going to keep going with this service. Just thought I might post up a quick review...
  2. Thanks, I will look into their site and consider subscribing
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    i spent a couple of days in that chat room a year ago. it didn't rock my world, but i wouldn't place what i heard in the "war crimes" category, either.

    still mystified by the animus puretick seems to inspire.
  4. If you subscribe you must be willing to send a check to the Salvation Army or Red Cross for $100 immediately...

    $100 is a small amount that you will not lose and you will feel good about yourself....

    Advice...send the check NOT subscribe....

    Ask yourself one I have a plan to trade?...if no, Puretick CANNOT help you...if you do do NOT NEED Puretick...period

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    Can you post statements in the near future to show trades you've taken in response to the signal calls from Puretick along with comparing your trade results with the trade results posted by Puretick ???

    In my opinion, that would be the best review via showing actual results (good or bad).

  6. To all the people who have been trading less than 2 years. If you do a search on this site under PureTick you will be horrified at what you find.

    I suggest you not listen to the broker/false prophet viral marketing statements above as they are designed to rope a lot of you naive but well intentioned people in.

    All the Best

  7. Alexscamski is back as sponsor (was probably banned for his behaviour) .... the same Alex Wasilewski is trading for Profitnavigation and is still at a loss in that managed account.

    All the results on Puretick are fake , hypothetical (see the hypothetical disclaimer on their site) ; if you want to see what Alexscamski does in live trading , have a look here >


    P.S. I started this alias to expose Puretick, I have been in the room and you will NOT see clear entry and exit signals , losing trades are not mentioned, they are only in trade after the trade moved in their favor;etc....
  8. Have you found any thing useful yet? Can you post your review about the chatroom? What are the things it can provide to beginners like me in trading?
  9. A good friend of mine has subscribed for 6 months. He stated most of the time, by the time Alex makes a call, hits the bell, he is already out with a winner so members get no fill. Of course they get filled on the losers. I don't know why he keep subscribing?
  10. I can't think of a banner ad that is more false and misleading than this one on ET.


    The results are worse than hypothetical. They are a fabrication of Alex's imagination.
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