The 'Punch Jamie Dimon In The Balls' Social Networking Page

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  1. 'I recommend sneaking up behind him and kicking between the legs. That way you assure a solid nut punt'.

    'I'm sure that happens all the time, so he's probably wearing a cap'.

    'Try to film it if you can'.

    'I would also settle for a water balloon to his temple. That would probably ruin his day just as much'.

    'Actually if I was hit in the head with a water balloon, I would probably think to myself: 'At least no one punched me in the balls'.

    The Facebook page is said to have been established by former Chase employee Sean Carey, who is angry with Chase after he says his accounts were frozen as he was being investigated for check fraud. Carey admits that he was much to blame for the problems he experienced at the bank, but says that it just took an age to sort out (and hours speaking on the telephone to Customer Services).

    The former banker says he doesn't really mean to cause physical harm to Dimon, but the Facebook page was a way to reach out to 'other people who have (also) had this experience'.