The Pump, and The Dump (LVS)

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    I’ve been waiting on this pod cast to post all weekend, so I would have the facts when posting – biting my tongue in the process

    If ever you are a doubting Thomas…. Or wondering if listening to talking heads works

    Here are the facts – draw your own conclusion

    Thursday Feb 17, 2011, Seg 2

    6 minutes 11 seconds into the pod cast

    Stephanie Link (cramer’s vp of strategy) touts go long LVS…., builds a plausible?? reason why it should go up, even shares a target of $58.00

    Friday Feb 18, LVS chart

    Can you imagine anything worse – than listening Thursday..., calling your broker Friday morning to go long…,

    Then looking at a chart of LVS Friday evening… all the while having to hold it over a 3 day holiday

    Gotta love this business

  2. It's only down 1 buck? Long-term I'm guessing back to 20. :]
  3. Redneck


    It is in the middle of a four month range

    Could not break 50 and hold

    Progressively shallower breaks of 50

    Volume decreases as it goes up, increases as it goes down

    But time will tell which way it chooses.

  4. Wait for the break-out. If it's to the downside sell some calls or short straight out.

    That's a lot of volume up there which will need to exit if we break.
  5. Redneck


    Thank You for the ideas

    I day trade this puppy - every day

    I wanted to call in when I heard it, but thought better of it

  6. Yeah definitely has potential.

    I think it will be good for at least $10 on the downside (if it breaks down).
  7. Anything to do with Cramer = fail...

    Paul Tudor Jones "Wild horses couldn't stop me from betting against Cramer"
  8. Give the girl a break. She didn’t say it would go to 58 the next day.
    Based on her fundies 58 isn’t unreasonable.

    I’ve got one service that is calling for a $142 price. LOL

    Anybody calling a broker these days is probably holding for the long term.

    Man you gotta be bored to be spending the weekend listening to this type of BS. :D
  9. Redneck


    Morning DD

    That station is a local AM I listen to after the close each day to get a daily recap (I don’t watch/ listen to anything other than what I’m trading during the day)

    LVS has been acting weak…, and when I heard her.., I wanted to call in and say WTF..., but refrained

    Friday's action was in no way a surprise - solely based on how its been acting


    Fair enough on the outlook…, we’ll see if/ when it gets there (140ish) – and I’ll be the first one to speak up if is does

    In the meantime how much pain should we suffer :eek:


    With the US in the dumper, if China crashes (and it very well may) – not much chance of the casino stocks making decent earnings next quarter - imo

    Who knows....

    Good Trading Sir

    See Ya
  10. Redneck


    Here’s a chart of day 2 (Feb 22, 2011)

    And for the record Please understand I am not suggesting - how, or if, you should trade LVS…

    I am simply showing an example of what I would label – egregious behavior (aka pump n dump)

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