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Discussion in 'Journals' started by Brandonf, May 5, 2003.

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    A few people are always complaining that "You only post your winners.", so Im going to start this thread to post a few real time things every day as well as a wrap up of what Ive done during the day. I average 6 to 8 trades a day in the room, I will try to get about that many a week on here. Most of what I do is pretty well documented on ET as I have started a number of threads.

    As an example of what I do, today here are my trades.

    ES Short from 930 to 928.

    OAKT long from 5.26 to 5.32
    IMAX long from 8.23 to 8.31
    ACDO long from 18.10 to 18.70
    BOBJ open from 23.05. Partials taken off at 23.16, looking to swing the rest - so some still open.
    AMR long from 6.14.

    So far no losses on the day. Most of what I do is based on gaps etc. I am being very caustious today because of the trend day friday, tends to be choppy and more slop type action. So with the morning period over, I could be done for the day. If that is the case I will start posting real time ideas here tomorrow.

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    Closed AMR for a 1 cent gain. BIIIG MONEY! HAHA. Today should be pretty choppy though and it wasnt working better safe then sorry I think. Might take off and try to go fishing or something. I forgot to mention in the wrap up AKAM, had that from 2.93 to 3.28...guess I didnt want to seem like a bragger. Anway, Ill start pumping stocks here later :eek:

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    [12:22] (brandon) 12:22:06 STOCK SCALP TRADE: BUY SETUP SINA above 12.52
  4. I'd suggest this thread be moved over to the Journals section.
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    [12:43] (brandon) 12:43:12 EMINI DAY TRADE: SHORT SETUP NQ under 1152. Stops above 1155.

    This will be it for today. So far im shooting 90% for the these two (The short and SINA) will probably be what brings me back to reality, LOL.

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    [12:45] (brandon) 12:45:13 STOCK SCALP TRADE UPDATE: SINA stops out heree. trading 12.40
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    [12:54] (brandon) 12:54:13 EMINI DAY TRADE UPDATE: NQ traders look to take partial profits. Trading 1150.5
    [12:54] (brandon) 12:54:41 EMINI DAY TRADE UPDATE: Bring stops on the balance to the breakeven area. Will look for a move down to 1140/45 on the rest
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    [13:00] (brandon) 13:00:51 EMINI DAY TRADE UPDATE: NQ stops above 1151
    [13:00] (brandon) 13:00:23 EMINI DAY TRADE UPDATE: NQ at the 1 minute 200ma. Look to take off 1/2 of current positions. Looking for 1140 on the rest. Trading 1148.

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    [13:09] <brandon> ok this shows a 30 minute and a 1 minute chart of the NQ
    [13:09] <brandon> its important to have more than one view of anything you are trading
    [13:09] <brandon> because setups vary by timeframe
    [13:09] <brandon> you may have a strong trend in your one minute timeframe
    [13:09] <brandon> but its reaching the top of a range on a bigger timeframe
    [13:09] <brandon> which is basically what we had here with the NQ
    [13:09] <brandon> a lot of people get trapped in this
    [13:10] <brandon> they are looking at the very short end only
    [13:10] <brandon> which is the most unimportant area to be in
    [13:10] <brandon> so they miss whats going on above it
    [13:10] <brandon> which is always more powerful
    [13:10] <brandon> you can see very clearly on the 30 minute chart here a double top
    [13:10] <brandon> so now that you have this
    [13:10] <brandon> your next questions is what do I do?
    [13:10] <brandon> you have a few choices
    [13:10] <brandon> you can just go put the trade on at that point
    [13:10] <brandon> but that tends to entail more risk
    [13:11] <brandon> and sometimes bigger stops
    [13:11] <brandon> personally I like to watch the shorter timeframes
    [13:11] <brandon> because the trend reversal will always show itself on the 1 minute chart before anything above it
    [13:11] <brandon> so as im looking at the 1 minute chart
    [13:11] <brandon> I want to see an avalanche or a 2b
    [13:11] <brandon> something to tell me to get in on the smaller timeframe
    [13:11] <brandon> and then what I end up with is the risk of the smaller timeframe
    [13:11] <brandon> this allows me to scalp some of it off to reduce my risk early
    [13:12] <brandon> ring the cash register a bit etc
    [13:12] <brandon> but it also lets me hold on to some of it for a bigger tain
    [13:12] <brandon> which is the potential in the larger chart
    [13:12] <brandon> so anyway
    [13:12] <brandon> thats the NQ short

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    [13:18] (brandon) 13:18:45 EMINI DAY TRADE UPDATE: NQ trail stops above 1147
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