The Puerile Longing for Trading Rooms

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  1. I am sorry to puke all ova this fourem, but this week has seen an unpressidented numb-er of poasts asking "Is there a free trading room that will make me rich by year's end?" To all who lust for quick riches, I ask this simple Socratic question; "If yew were a perofitabel trader, would yew wont the trading pubic at large to take the same trades as yew?' Or not? That's a true price action popcorn quiz.
  2. Did you just read Hooked on Ebonics or GhettoSpeak for Whities? :confused: :cool:
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    "The mating habits of Lemmings" is a good read and will give you a head start into understanding Trading Rooms
  4. Obliviously yew ain't fum hyar. The deaper yew go in de Souf, de darker skint de pitchers of great great gramma get. Evuboddy says "She uz Cherokee." My ass.
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    Anyhow, when you ask again the question in a fairly decent English, I will answer it for you....

    Let's see if your curiosity is stronger than your laziness. :)
  6. Peckerlow, my Anguish is as good as it gits for a Amureekun. If you desire to engage in an English literacy contest, have at it. Let's start with a sentence which uses the lovely words abecedarian, abulia, and acedia in a sensical sentence related to nonsensical trading. Ten seconds have passed? Yew lossed.
  7. Lunch?
  8. Not puerile at all.
  9. But we digress. Don't know how to conduct your life? Go to church. Don't know how to please womwn? Sneak a peek at Cosmo. Don't know how to choose the proiducts you want? Subscribe to Cuntsoomer Reaports. Dont't know how to trade? Cuntpleat my sentunce.
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