The psychology of the ET contrarian indicators

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Who is the best contrarian indicator on ET?

  1. stock trad3r

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  2. port1385

    14 vote(s)
  3. marketsmurfer

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  1. Although i'm not a fan of the garabage dump known as ET, I do admit that some of the handles are such great contrarian indicators that it forces me to come here to see what these fools are posting. And i'm rarely disappointed as it's really like clockwork, every time one of these jokers posts a prediction, it is wrong. Yet they always come back and do it again.

    To me, there are 3 top contrarian indicator posters on ET. Whom do you think stands out as the best fade?

    1) stock trad3r , he bought at S&P 1550, he bought MOS @ $151, he post PCX @ $71 etc etc, he bought and bought and is always wrong. His paper acct must be worthless by now

    2) port1385 , he said short LVS @ $4 as it quickly surged to $10, he told you to double down on 3X inverse positions, and the market then went -10% against him , and my personal favorite--he started a thread "I'm long 50 es", and when the futures tanked over the weekend, he posted "I was just kidding, i'm short 50 es"!

    3) marketsmurfer, he said short crox @ $47 and was forced to cover @ $63 for a loss of -33%. He said short wfc @ $19, and got stopped out @ $25 for another quick loss of -33%, he also guaranteed the market bottomed in early november 2008 only to have it run -20% against him in the next 2 weeks.

    If I left out anyone, please add the names to this thread. And i'd love to hear thoughts about the psychology of these parasites.
  2. Some probably blew up last July and August. But, October's volatilty made us all get religion.
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  4. your leaving out all the greatest hits.

    WFC hit 25?? Making stuff up again?

    :D :D
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    I think Crox was a fantastic call, timing was way off but nontheless he said it was a piece of shit and sure enough it was. He also made a call to buy siri @ .60 you could have made 100-500% on that call without so much as one inch of pain...

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    No buts. In this business timing is everything and anyway, every stock falls sooner or later...
  7. thanks
  8. Spoken like a true ETer.

    good luck shorting the US.
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    Yes and after that call....not years later or months later you could have timed CROX in and out for huge gains...that stock didn't fall years later or double from his post it preceded to go parabolic and then fall hard...

    I personaly thought he made a good call ... they dont make it easy. You think paulson had to hold some pain or not? you can't make absurd returns in the market without way jose
  10. Personally, I use a weighted average of the three amigos. The resulting accuracy in my calls has led to several investigations by the regulatory authorities for potential wrongdoing. However, I was able to persuade them to dismiss all pending charges by letting their chief investigators and enforcement attorneys in on the action. They're all rich now, and they don't care anymore.
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