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  1. For many years now I have been observing the phenomenon of postings about the trading method known as SCT. From the perspective of years, one conclusion leaps out. It is intolerant of honest scepticism by aspiring accolytes. A prime example is Nwbprop, if you remember him. The latest stellar example is Bundlemaker, who today voluntarily excommunicated himself for heresy. Seems he stumbled on a flaw in "flaws" which couldn't be explained away by orthodoxy.
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    Not everyone is cut out for trading, regardless of the method. Some people have too many negative character flaws.
  3. Oh, yes! Skepticism is an awful flaw when it comes to trading! Did you read BM's exhanges with Spydertrader in Journals? It reminded me of Martin Luther nailing his theses to the church door. And a selfless attempt by Joe Doaks to mediate with a one-minute indicator which resolved the divisive PRV issue in question on five-minute was removed post-haste by moderation. The hallmark of rigid orthodoxy is the need for censorship. But do carry on, Art.
  4. One lot super trader "Hypostomus" having a discussion with one of his aliases "Arthur Deco".

    Hypo, you have major issues bro.
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    look closer, Nwbprop comes back as tradingbug
    ps. and I anticipate Bob will come back before the future thread is over.
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    no. 22

    What a tragedy. Jack went down just a day or two ago, only to be followed by Spyder today. There goes the wife, the kids, the townhouse, the dog, the Ferrari, the ipod, ...

    Will there be a period of mourning? Flags at half staff?
  7. Typical SCT thinking, Cokie. Always objecting to the medium and ignoring the message. You are probably the descendant of critics 2300 years ago who objected to Plato talking to himself in the Dialogues. What did you think about the BM/ST schism? I'll bet you did't see Joe Doaks' healing message, either. It survived a minute at most.
  8. Nkhoi, is he still cutting lawns and living at home?
  9. No, the source is a deranged lunatic hiding behind at least 10 different aliases. I dont think the "medium" is worth listening to as he (they) havent been taking their meds.

  10. Its probably taking you a while to respond as you must be trying to log back in with one of your many id's and cant remember the darn password!!

    Pathetic 60 year old man, trading 1 lots and completely obsessed with Jack Hershey.
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