The PS3 Thread

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ImamicPH, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. I've finally ebayed my xbox 360.

    Overall - great system - I was very impressed with the system, the marketing, the overall experience.

    There was one thing I felt was looked over . . .

    Being in my twenties, I grew up on classic sports titles . . . NFL 95(genesis) being one that really stood out . . . I still make the attempt to limit myself to one or two good titles each year by staying away from the more imaginative game ie. the Tomb Raiders and Dick Tracys of the gaming world . .

    I was not satisfied by the content in Madden or the other sports titles in this last generation of video consoles. I was left wondering why some of the best features were left out and some more thought was not put into the NEW features . .

    Don't get me wrong . . the graphics were excellent . . the gameplay, the way the game flowed was great.

    I was hoping that more of the old stuff would have been built on though . . for example- why did they take away the training camp mode on Madden? why no classic team? what's the point of including make believe teams and not greatest of all time? licensing fees? I doubt that . . . any marketing major would see tha advantage of investing a little to make a lot . . . Anyway

    WOuldn't it be great to put in a FILM feature soon, to Madden? THat way you could fast forward through previous games and scout the computers tendencies etc. Maybe even include and assistant coach feature that would help with gameplans? I mean so much goes into real NFL coaches preparing for a season, it doesn't make sense not to start including some of that . . .

    I liked the FRANCHISE mode . . . more could have been included. I guess most of the design went into graphics.

    So for right now I'm left with a genesis console for those times that I'm craving a little video gaming.

    I've already got the new PS on order . . .

    I'll keep you posted with more . .
  2. Lucky bastards! In Europe we have to wait, wait, wait as usual. It's March here, and I don' want to import one since I won't be able to play local Blueray-movies. Enjoy your Christmas-present :)