The Protocols the Learned Elders of Zion in Modern English Complete

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  1. Such prophetic words written so long ago.

    Shows you main events in the world are planned. Wars, Economic trouble, Coming one world government,
    Everyone and Everything are puppets of Private Central banks owned by guest it, a Jewish sect

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  2. I was looking through history and search for posts that are smart profound and problem solving.
    And so I found my own LOL
  3. Eight


    it's a hoax, pretty sure... I have been bullied by some Jews that acted like they owned the world but I always took care of them so they learned to NEVER FRICKING DO THAT again.. watching a bully melt down in a tantrum.. priceless.. bullies don't have to be Jews to act like they own the world but it seems to help somehow, not sure how that works but to hell with bullies, who cares who they are, what horse they ride in on, etc..