The proper way to do a whale dump

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  1. Pekelo


    This is how you make 15MM while you keep the same number of coins.

  2. good thing they didn't mention a name. lol
  3. Fake money trading on fake exchanges with no rules.

    So stupid
  4. Nobert


    And for dessert - complaining.
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  5. I wonder how many people thought of this first, when they saw the thread title ?
    Not me of course......I was just wondering for the benefit of others.


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  6. Overnight


    I was thinking of F2P gamers, to be honest. The coiner whales.

    But thanks for the visual. Teehee.

    P.S. Dak Prescott can suck it. Mahomes this season, all the way. Chiefs are going to slaughter the league.
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  7. I thought Bitcoin.
  8. Ha Bitcoin, Fools Gold.

    Nobody needs bitcoin for blockchain. In fact, bitcoin proved to be unusable as a payment tech, as said blockchain gets implemented left and right and you don't need any bitcoin to make it happen.

    Nobody is in Bitcoin because they know something bout tech, they are in it for the Lambo.
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  9. "fake" money though is a little harsh considering all money can be seen as fiction from a certain perspective.
    The no rules part though is the problem.
    To me if you want to understand crypto trading you just have to read up on railroad stock speculation and manipulation in the mid 19th century. An electronic version of that is just crazy.
    Crypto Jay Goulds are inevitable.
  10. EVERY YEAR.......I keep thinking that maybe, this is the year. But every year, there is a new problem. We might have a problem with the offensive line protecting the QB, then we fix it the next year and then the Defensive line is weak. We fix that and then it's the Receivers, then it is the play calling. We never seem to get it all together.

    I thought Prescott was good, he did real well when he filled in for Romo after he got injured;
    but last year was mediocre at best. His QB ratings were miserable....17/33 ....57 %. He is a nice guy, but I hope this year is better than last. I am tired of hoping and praying that we get into the playoffs as a wildcard with 9 wins. I 'd like to have enough confidence to know that we are going to win the NFC and the only burden we have to endure is wondering who we will play in the Superbowl.

    I guess I am the eternal day.......maybe this year.......:)
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