The Production of the United States During The Great depression

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  1. Okay. Guys I really need your opinion about this because my life really depends on it because it is my essay. So, The theme of my essay is Production. And My thesis is :To remedy the crisis of the Great Depression, the federal government tried to help by ways of capitalism, socialism, and feudalism.My teacher also gave us some bullet points that needs to be included in every supportind details.
    The Bullet points are*Bernard Baruch and his role before the Great War, in the Great War, and after the Great War.
    *Frederick Winslow Taylor and The Scientific Management
    *The Quote" The Only Thing we have to fear is Fear Itself- FDR"
    *The Quote"A Chicken in Every Pot and Two cars in every garage- promised by Hoover"
    *The quote "Although no formal statement was issued, it was the consensus of those at the meeting that the worst of the liquidation is over and that a natural demand for investment stocks now available on the bargain counter should go far toward an immediate restoration of trading stability.- made by the corporations at the meeting of J. P. Morgan & Co. at Broad and Wall Streets"
    *The Quote "We Do Our Part- from the poster of the National Recovery Administration"
  2. Do you attend Rutgers or Syracuse? :confused:
  3. Not sure if this will be helpful or not:
    It depends what you're trying to prove because the quotes could arguably prove all those systems...

    I'd put FDR's quote with capitalism (even though he was more of a socialist),
    Hoover's with socialism, that last one with feudalism
  4. Sounds like your teacher is dumber'n'a bag o'hammers.
    Feudalism and socialism had precisely nothing to do with the response to the Great Depression, except that the first was irrelevant, and the second was what they did whatever they could to avoid, successfully, I might add, regardless of the ignorant bullshit that will be posted after I write this.
    Get a new teacher, and while you're at it, learn how to write English. If you're not American/British, etc, you can forget the latter (means the second thing, as in "how to write English").
    You still need to get a new teacher, or you'll just wind up as ignorant and stupid as the one you have now.
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    Couldn't agree more. I couldn't help but think what a completely useless topic for an essay, or thesis. I suspect it's not a thesis because a thesis isn't as simple as this. If this is for an economics class I would have my students do an econometric analysis of the programs implemented now and then with a comparative analysis. Some partial derivatives, some statistical analysis, forecasting, etc. Now THAT would make a good thesis.

    BTW, if you ever get into doing any forecasting a terrific program is eviews. It puts excel to shame. It's a great statistical analysis program and it's fairly useful for trading as well.