The Problem with Current US Politics

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  1. One side is misleading people and blinding themselves to evidence in an all out effort to win.

    One can participate in a debate, misrepresent oneself, and completely ignore the facts and maybe even convince other people one has the right of it. Any argument on any position is defensible in theory. However, when one applies false ideas to real life they fall apart. Truth will win out in the end. If the US descends to further lows it's because Americans have chosen to lie to and delude themselves.
  2. Make it all about emotions ...
    Then you only need a heart - not a brain ...
    That is sort of a "lowest common denominator" strategy that has worked for George W. Bush.

  3. The fact is the MAJORITY of college grads will vote for McCain.

    The MAJORITY of people making over 50k a year will vote for McCain.

    That being said allow me to add: Just because someone in Ohio or WV is under educated, or blue collar, or opposed to gay marriage, or lacks the desire to write about cosmetics for Marie Claire while paying $3500 a month for a 600 square foot apartment in the East Village does not mean they are less intelligent than Maureen Dowd. In fact one of the problems of the electronic age is the emphasis on communication skills. We're a nation of critics, commentators, PC trained grads of academia and yet NO ONE can build or fix or create a friggin' thing. But boy can we talk about it.

    There are cultures that historically would have deemphasized the ability of a Harvard Law grad. Is electing leaders based on how well they speak ala' Obama any more enlightened than those who supported Hitler because of his moving hate speech in a Munich beer hall?

    Middle America is well aware that a cadre of leftests in the media and entertainment arts are seeking to expand their debasement of traditional values via the prejudicial support of Democrats who will carry water for their inane beliefs. The Republicans are FORCED to use over the top rhetoric-yes, often fear based-as a defense in this un-level playing field. Ironically it took the over the top bias against Hillary Clinton in her primary battle against Obama for HC supporting Democrats to discover what Republicans have long known. The media in toto is biased to the left. Period. Don't blame the Right for using any and all available means to rebel against such powerful thought controlling forces.
  4. Most college grads vote for the Democrats.

    TOTAL Democrat Republican
    No High School (3%) 64% 35%
    H.S. Graduate (21%) 55% 44%
    Some College (31%) 51% 47%
    College Graduate (27%) 49% 49%
    Postgraduate (18%) 58% 41%

    Sorry. There are a LOT more voters who earn between $50,000 - $100,000 than there are above $100,000, and they vote Democrat.

    TOTAL Democrat Republican
    Under $15,000 (7%) 67% 30%
    $15-30,000 (12%) 61% 36%
    $30-50,000 (21%) 56% 43%
    $50-75,000 (22%) 50% 48%
    $75-100,000 (16%) 52% 47%
    $100-150,000 (13%) 47% 51%
    $150-200,000 (5%) 47% 51%
    $200,000 or More (5%) 45% 53%
  5. The Neoconservatives were let into Power Politics because the "old money" conservatives were fearing the changes in the world - and didn't know how to deal with it.

    So they let some crazy, elitist, radical, aggressive fuckers run a shutdown on parts of the world, so they could reshape the flow of resources and align it back towards the view of "old money".


    US politics and research has for a looong time been about how to "manage the herd". You cows can grass all you want, and then get to your milking stations. The whole "two-party" state is about STALEMATING - thwarting ANY chance of change...'s_impossibility_theorem

    Wake up!