The problem with crossover systems

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  1. There are zero winning trades on this chart.
  2. So if I find a winning trade on the chart then the system is 100% valid?
  3. The exit after you see the sig needs to be independent. Or just a static SL and TP to grab the MAE or MFE...Entries are easy with your example its the exits that screw it up...


  4. its how you look at it.
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    think for a minute.

    any indicator based system.. if it has any profit in it, it would have been discovered by a million computers long before you get to it.

    and on an off chance you found one that the other computers haven't found it yet, how long will it take before they do?

    you are looking in the wrong place.

    you are welcome.
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  6. price is multi dimensional, that's why looking at just price wont do it, you have to couple the price to other dimensional metrics or approximations.
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    Moving averages work in trending markets. If it is going sideways, you will get chopped up and whiplashed for obvious reason that there is no clear trend! There is monies to be made if you trade from the support and resistance areas of the chart!
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    get this garbage out of your head asap.
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    How does "ATR" make any difference as I see as many trendlines during low as high ATR? Do you use it to shorten or expand risk or reward?

    Can't figure out what parameter for longer term weight moving average you have, am guessing it far too large for five minute bars, think too many use them wrong. Indicators from my experiences best for doing one idea, formulate trend, or entry signal, or exit signal, or stay out signal, or move protective stop. I have never seen one indicator to do it all, might be, just never known of it. Indicators make programming easier, very tough and time consuming to program price patterns--easier to find an indicator that mimics price and use that.

    Think most people simple don't put in enough time studying speed of price enough, how fast price travels going to prior highs/lows, how often price breaks highs/lows and yet don't close above prior highs/lows. Breaking down Swings, Waves by the sessions, when to trade doji's, when to stay away, small breaks, double inside bars(where in swing located). People can say they lose for a host of reasons, but do ever read anyone saying they lost cause they didn't study charting enough?
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