The Problem with Americans are that they think Iraqi lives are expendable, true or no

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Do you think Iraqi civilian lives are expendable and worth less then American

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  1. It's the truth. Over 50 thousand iraqis have died in iraq b/c of the war. And there is nobody in america crying over the loss, or day of mourning for these people in america. and those 50K are the ones that the newspapers that bother to report. Think of haditha, you have people going those 24 lives arent important. People die every day in iraq, so what if 24 lives are wasted by american marines. who cares if there is a coverup. Theyre are marine excuses. Claiming they were under stress. They were serving 3 tours. Well, these men enlisted. They knew the rules of engagement and military code of justice. They knew about iraqs condition. Americans broke the country and its up to americans to fix the country.
  2. First of all, Americans have not killed 50,000 Iraqis. A large majority have been killed by their fellow Iraqis and others from the Middle East. I don’t hear you saying that Iraqi nut jobs feel that their fellow countryman’s lives are worthless. I don’t hear you questioning your Iranian neighbors if they feel that Iraqi lives are worthless

    Second, I venture to that of the Iraqis killed by Americans most were the result of either not knowing to stop the car when passing a checkpoint (i.e. too stupid to stop when a gun is pointed at you and firing warning shots) or as unfortunate as it is they were caught up in a firefight and happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Third, we Americans do not as a nation believe that Iraqi lives are worthless. That is a total waste of perfectly good bytes of bandwidth for you to say such. Me personally, I fell that if an Iraqi civilian is allowing a terrorists to use their home for shelter then they are no longer a civilian in the normal sense. If they happen to get killed in any ensuing firefight then tough shit, you should not allow the terrorists to endanger you or your family by having them around.

    Finally, The Americans are not the root of ya’lls problem. It is your ass backward thinking that has not evolved in close to 2000 years that is causing ya’ll problems. It just happens that the Americans are the first to address the issue. If we didn’t then given a few more years (or perhaps decades) of your societies wrecking Europe then the Europeans would be addressing the issue (with American backing most likely).
  3. There is internal scrapping going on in many arenas today. If the Iraqi problem has you pissed, why not the tribal massacres in Africa? Or do those people not matter to you?

    Americans can not, and should not, be expected to play cop everywhere. When we do we're frowned upon. When we don't we're frowned upon. Other than lip service, no other country does as much for the world as we do. There comes a time when the peoples themselves have to say ~ No More! Then they need to stand up and take responsibility. Morally, and fiscally!

    We have to do a better job of getting them motivated as it is easy for them to let America do it. It's a free police force without teeth within the community. That's good enough to suit the locals. And that's what has happened in Iraq. The law abiding folks have free police.

    The un? Formal joke!! PERIOD! And just think, if America didn't put in the dollars (and real estate) where would they be? I don't see the UN trying to take up residence in Russia, Germany, France, South America, or China. I vote they move to Korea, either one! Who else would allow them to run around a country with special license plates and privileges? Who would allow them to bring their families and take advantage of the benefits within?

    Times are tight. I say we offer the UN a set amount of money for the next twenty years and tell them that they have to pay rent (market rate) or move. They have enough capital to set up shop in Iowa, Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee. Let them move to the Sudan!!! They could help first hand then. :)
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    Do not kid yourself. America does what is goog for America. World :D
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    Interesting observation ... How was it "good" for America ( in your context) to send any aid to the starving and sick in Africa, to send aid to the psunami and earthquake victims in Indonesia ???
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    And you have to be able to take care of one's self before you can take care of others.
  7. And I wish we did more that was good for America. Starting with the limiting a lot of the spending of American taxpayers money on outside interests when we need to do more for home! :)
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