The PRISTINE bottom is in!

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Flyin High, Aug 13, 2002.

  1. Considering the fact that Pristine had 4 people sign up for their Seminar at the Expo, and were forced to cancel , i am officially calling the Bottom!

    Oliver is that what you guys call a COG? (changing of the guard bar) Hehehehehe :D

    Get your party hats out! Yeeehaa!!!

    -Flyin it High
  2. How do you know that only 4 people signed up for the Pristine
    seminar at the Expo? Were you one of the four?

    And why did they cancel? Don't they charge about 37K for it?
    That would of still been 148K! That ain't too bad!

  3. Can't continue selling what doesn't work... even to fools.

    BTW, expo seminars rarely ever charge over $1000 nowadays.
  4. mbg


    If anyone thinks they can learn how to trade in a 1 day seminar, they are in for a rude awakening.

    If anyone thinks they can learn how to trade in a 5 day seminar, they are in for a rude awakening.
  5. BSAM


    A rude, rude awakening. Will anybody third that?:cool:

  6. T/A_Bo


    That's why at the RealityTrader seminar everybody who attended got a free month in the rooms. We dumped a heck of a lot of information in their laps on Monday, and now they get to watch us implement these strategies in real time for a full month. That way nobody gets left hanging!


    Good Luck and Good Trading!

    -Bo Yoder
  7. It seems then safe to say that BO, you are commercially involved with reality trader. Personally, I like the contributions made by "vendors" to these threads. Not that I always agree, but at you are here, taking a stand. I will look at your 100+ posts and see what I see.

    It seems very noble of you to offer a month in the room. Nothing beats real time. I have seen your site before, but not checked it out. Now I will.
  8. Bo,

    Wow, lots of stuff there for this time of nite. But let me say this: you at least get "thumbs up" for the web page technology. That little menu that floats down the left side of the page as you scroll is cool.

    Check you out more tomorrow.

  9. T/A_Bo


    Yes, I run the position trading room there, and also am co-author of the Dose of Reality video newsletter.

    :D Our system administrator / web maestro has a great eye for design :) I’m proud of the new look!

    There is a link there on the RealityTrader home page that will give you a page with all our freebies on it. We are really selling the experience and market savvy we have, rather then some secret trading method. Trading is simple, but it is very helpful for some folks to watch a trader in action, and learn by observation as they see that trader deal with good markets, tough markets, draw downs, win streaks, etc. The mental and money management side of this biz is not covered as well as it should be by many, and we try to help bring “reality” back to the learning process.

    Good Luck and Good Trading!

    -Bo Yoder
  10. Good to see you around here! Glad to see Reality Trader is rocking for you. Just swing-trading the ETFs here.
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