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Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by hughb, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. hughb


    Does anybody here subscribe to it? What day is it delivered? I'm not going to bother with it if I can't get at least most of the issues on Saturday. They keep mailing me an offer to subscribe for $1 a week, they're basically giving it away. I love their stocktables, so I'm thinking about it. I just don't want to wait until Monday for it to arrive.
  2. Tom631


    They had an offer for one year print and online access for around $50.00 and change..I took it and the print edition is in my driveway early Saturday mornings most weeks...The newspaper guy delivers it even though I don't get the NEWSDAY newspaper that many others on my street do....

    In the 6-7months I have been receiving it I would say 3 times it wasn't in my driveway early Saturday morning but was there early Sunday morning.....I figure that was due to Barron's not getting it out to the newspaper delivery guys in time for their early Sat morning delivery..

    I expect it Saturday mornings...but those few times it arrives on Sunday mornings are ok with me...I have never gone a weekend without receiving it at all..

    I think a lot has to do with your regular newspaper delivery guy or girl for your area as that is who delivers it for me...And that guy comes driving by flinging papers out his window approx 4 AM every morning.

    I would suggest you contact whoever delivers newspapers in your area and ask them their experience in getting Barron's out to the customers on Saturday AM
  3. hughb


    Good idea, if I can catch the paper boy I'll ask him if he delivers Barron's. He delivers both the WSJ and the local paper, and if he delivers Barron's I will definitely subscribe.