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Discussion in 'Politics' started by candletrader, Apr 16, 2002.

  1. I am starting this thread to fill a void on the board... let this thread be dedicated to that part of our now departed Brother's thread which I so enjoyed reading, namely Princess stories... fellow Brethren, please share your Princess stories here, whine about them, verbally caress them and fantasise openly about what "could be" if only you became her Prince...

    This thread is dedicated to wannabee Princes and their elusive Princesses...
  2. Magna

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    I think it's fairly obvious Candle that the void you speak of is in you. There hasn't been a thread which even slightly hints at female that you haven't jumped all over. I truly hope you find this woman of your dreams, as your desperation needs fulfillment.
  3. so true, magna true.
  4. nitro


    Brother Magna,


    :D :D
  5. tntneo

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    I am sure candletrader was being sarcastic. I was laughing hard from his post. The replies are even better.. :D
    Too few women traders and members.. pity. And with all the testosterone around, the few are hiding anyway :)
  6. cashonly

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    Sorry guys, no princesses for me.

    Just one real woman. Found her, married her, have a family together, grow old together, love her the rest of my life.

    We have a REAL life together, not a princess fairy tale and that's the way we both like it.
  7. Awww..geeezzzz, I think I'm gonna cry.....

    You are truly one of the lucky ones, Cash...give my best to her and the baby!!
  8. Candle hope you like the links I forwarded you.

    They do work Some of the office traders here have been testing what is at those links at the local stripbars. :) They are happy with the results

  9. Thank you Robert, I may post them up here with Baron's permission!!!
  10. Mmmmm, not in gotta go to Nevada, or South of the Border for the good ones....(so I'm told, of course!)....:)
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