The Price of an Education

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  1. A friend told me today that Linda Bradford Raschke (sp?) charges $5,000 for a week of group instruction.
    I told him that he is crazy b/c there aren't 10 people alive who are stupid enough to pay that much.
    Which one of us is right?
  2. trading tuition comes from experience hitting the keys. The cost depends on how long it takes to teach yourself to do a few basic things..

    -add to winners
    -cut instead of adding to losers
    - manage your money
    -manage your mind- ex. revenge trading

    LBR and the rest of the talking heads are completely worthless IMO you are right
  3. Kind of agree with you.
    Thinking before starting to hit keys also helps a lot.
  4. Isn't it funny how many authors cross-endorse one another (like traders in Market Wizards)?

    One trader (Trader X) will write a book and on the back cover it has raving reviews by other authors, whom themselves have raving reviews by Trader X on their back covers.

    Btw, anyone check out the Trader magazine Top 100 traders? Only a handful of Market Wizards are on the list. Hmmmm, wonder what happened to the rest of them.
  5. I wonder if at this point Linda makes more from teaching or trading. I have never used her service but wonder how or why traders go from being in Market Wizards or making large sums of money from trading at one point to doing trading seminars and running teaching websites. If they were still doing really well trading why would they want to heavily promote everything that they do that works for them and spend all the extra time and hassle teaching large numbers of people how to trade.
  6. Bingo. The fraternity of vendors. They all know each other because they all spend so much time at the trader's expos and know the rules of the game.

  7. Maybe they should change the name to Marketing Wizards for the next printing, lol.
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  10. lol, I just went to the Trader Expo site and looked at the speakers: they all come from no-name firms. Where are the managing directors of JP Morgan, Godman, etc?

    These speakers look like, and have the credentials of, used car salesmen.

    If you look at the speakers of a real expo - say, the derivatives expo - the speakers are Nobel Prize winning professors from Coumbia/NYU/Wharton, MDs from the big banks, and senior guys from huge hedge funds. Quite a difference.
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