The Prevalent Personality on Trading Boards

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  1. The prevalent personality on trading boards are the clueless looking for some greater force that will lead them to the promised land.
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    Really, I've noticed that it's far more often the deluded, thinking that they are in the promised land, giving terrible advice, being completely rude and retarded.

    But you're right there's people who just want to find THAT miraclebread oscillator that will make everything easy and brainless.

    How many times have you seen somebody blow up their account calling it live, get embarassed, say that they closed out, and yet exchange data shows that they probably didnt close out, their broker cut the money...

    I've seen it happen at least 3x, which is really, startling when you think about it...
  3. Ab-so-lu-te-ly...
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    Absolutely indeed Pic :D
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  6. Eight


    those would be Myers Briggs INFJ's...
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    The rarest of all the personality types? Highly intuitive and prone to ignore other people's opinions?
  8. åùå è ïèäîðàñîâ áîëüøå ïîëîâèíû ïîõîäó,äà?

  9. No problem, the bathroom is down the hall and to the left:D
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