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  2. what software do you make these charts with...Jigsaw?
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  4. Why is everybody so scared to disclose their charting and broker? What charts are these?


  5. mine are mostly multicharts, tradestation or amibroker.
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    My charts are so ugly and basic:

  7. I trade Nadex binary options so I have a busy chart sep-up but I think it's pretty cool looking. It's about 97% accurate. pretty forex chart (IAlwaysWin).PNG
    This is my first post on this forum. I think I'm going to like it here..
  8. Welcome IAlwayWin !

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    Curious ES... What images of charts do you look at? As time has gone on, people look at so many different types of charts. Mine are so plain vanilla.
  10. Thank you!
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