The President Makes Fun of Blind Man, what's next making fun of disabled VETS :D

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Jun 15, 2006.

Is the President A moron

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  1. Though I do not like the man but I do not think he knew that the reporter was blind!!
  2. that was my point. Bush shot first, without knowing the facts. As usual.

  3. Don't be ridiculous. I think Bush is one of the worst presidents in American history but let's stick to the real issues, not an innocent mistake at a press conference for which he already apologized.

  4. sparok I think this is just more evidence that the president shoots first and does something without thinking. Just like in iraq, just like in katrina, and just like in afghanistan. Everything is gung ho, till the ball drops. Everybody knows bush is not an intellectual. I think the man has to at least Think!! before he speaks.

  5. I don't care if he thinks before he makes a casual joke in public. I just wish he'd think before making policy.

    I think obsessing over every off the cuff remark by politicians does a disservice to real political discourse.

  6. I couldn't agree more Mahram. Next time he asks someone if they want a game of golf, lets have the FBI do a background check to make sure the guy doesn't have fake arms.Or when he offers a kid some White House candy, lets do a background check to make sure the kid isn't a diabetic. Shit, lets have a background check on everyone the pres talks to. I sure as hell know what the FBI check would show for you....."The Mahram guy is just a moron. You can feel free to make fun of him Mr President."
  7. lol macal, Im not saying go as far as background checks. Im saying use a little common sense. If you dont know for sure, then dont do it. Think before you speak :D

  8. was it really off the cuff. It was during a staged and crafted press meeting :D....the guy was high over the recent killing of mousawi. all im saying, this is just more evidence that the guy doesnt have common sense.