the Pres talks the truth

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  1. i see NO lying in him.
  2. What has he said that was true. All he knows is lies.
  3. he's a straight shooter
  4. He is speaking the truth. He's just getting bad advice on the types of spending.

    This whole 800 billion recovery act should had put into transportation infrastructure. That would have created tens of millions of jobs for a decade plus have real, tangible infrastructure to show for it.
  5. A man is only as smart as what he knows.
    Obama is stuck inside the box.

    His communication ability is unparalleled. He comes across as logical, smart and friendly. It's his beliefs that are idiotic.

    More money for education? LMFAO. You could spend a billion per student in South Central L.A., Chicago's Lawndale or the South Bronx without creating the math and science prowess of a single Asian. His Education Secretary comes from the Chicago school system which has a 50% drop out rate. Believe me those kids aren't leaving because the curriculum was too easy.

    Why not just admit it? Would that not be "change." Announce that we're IMPORTING Asians-less taco trucks more PHD's-how's that for a new immigration policy?

    While Obama was "positive" in tone I couldn't help but think-and neither could the tape-how negative the reality truly is. This is a country with no industry, with tech probably near a creative plateau, with the best and brightest working in out of favor "white collar" redundancy, an increasingly crappier demographic, trillions in debt and entangled in potentially horrific foreign policy/military confrontations. Kudos to Obama for being upbeat but the future is bleak.
  6. In lib speak "investing in education" actually translates to "paying off teachers' unions." Obama and his crew could give a flying frip about ghetto blacks getting educated. They repealed the single program in DC that produced results, the program where poor kids could get federal scholarships to go to the kind of pricey private school obama sends his kids to. Unions hated it because it made them look bad.
  7. send him back to the 'hood:mad:
  8. Listen to what he said. It will require more than just throwing more money at the problem. Your selective perception borders on the pathological. While you have pretty much given up on your own country and are content to live on the remaining fumes, he chooses not to, and thinks America can do better. Sorry if that disappoints.
  9. And what does 'more' mean?
  10. Exactly.

    Obama could have said this.

    "In the past we would have thrown more money at the problem. But that hasn't worked. The U.S. already spends more money per student on public education than any other nation in the world. Those dollars have delived scant results. Meanwhile municipalities and property tax paying homeowners are on the brink of insolvency while the wages of teachers, administrators and unionized support staff eclipse the earnings of those working similar jobs in the private sector. Instead of wasting even more money we're instead increasing vocational training-maybe our own Americans can learn how to cook, clean, fix, build and we won't NEED unskilled foreign labor. We'll implement a Federal voucher program-we can learn from private schools who make good with less and turn out better equipped graduates.'

    Why preach change from the status quo though? It's not like there's an election demanding a slogan anytime soon....
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