The PREM A Leading Indicator that Works!

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  1. The PREM or more specifically the S&P Premium, or ES Premium or Nasdaq Premium is one of the few leading indicators that actually works. It will not tell you when to trade. But it will tell you what the ES is going to do sometimes hours before it occurs. The issue is how to read it. While there may be more than one way to read the premium, one of the most effective methods has been publically posted at this link. It really does work.

    By following these rules you could have known what was going to happen on 5/27/09.

    You could have known:
    To short the market precisely at 9:01 cst
    That the ES would return to 912.75 later in the day
    That the ES would also short back to at least 907 or less.

    How did you know this?
    At 9:01 the SP Prem hit a new low. The rules say this is a classic trend reversal and thats exactly what happened. A short trade their couldn't help but make money.

    At 9:01 the ES Prem hit a new high. The rules say that either the ES will go back to 912.75 or better or the Prem will go higher. In this both took place.

    At 10:12 cst the SP Prem hit a new low forecasting a return back to 907 or less. A short trade thereafter made money. A lot of money!

  2. I know that is your site your promoting why don't you just come out and say it? I've researched your system in the past and viewed every post you've made on the internet. I've been told by the guys that truly know how to read the prem that your method is not correct I think you know who they are.
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    Prem tells you what has just happened, not what is going to happen in the future. Your idea is built on a false premise about the market. The market is not a computer that moves the same way depending on certain variables. The market is made up of millions of individuals trading for different reasons. Program trading is only one variable out of many that makes the market move.
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    gqguy2003 believes in snake oil and crystals and sells them on forums.
  5. No don't get me wrong I believe in the value of the the PREM. You just have to know how to use it correctly there is only one place you can find that information that I have found at least and the info on his site and a few others is false. Standard TA is outdated using TA and old school indicators today is blind betting.
  6. $7500.00 for this? Oh my. I sure do hope no one here gets sucked into this one. Yikes...
  7. Its $3200 from the guys who know what there talking about. PM me if anyone wants details. And its not a closed system is a full 2 day seminar, very intimate only 10 or so attendees.
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    GGGUY needs to GGGO
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    Oh you mean Hank Camp? Evidently your reading skills seem to be suffering a bit. Perhaps you should see an eye doctor. As stated, "there may be more than one way to read the premium." And so since you seem to be in the know, although its seems you never have attended one of Hank's seminars since you cannot speak from firsthand knowledge, please tell us what is the 'other' way to read the premium given that you value it so much? Please tell us how the 'guys that truly know how to read it" read it. And please show us all how the stated way to read the prem doesn't work. And just for grins, since your post implies there is only 1 way to truly read the Prem, on what authority to do base this dubious claim? Yes please pick a day any day and tell us how to read the prem. Oh I forgot to mention, yes, what prem were you going to refer to? The S&P Prem, the ES Prem, the Nasdaq Prem or should we go back far enough to consider the Russell Prem? And on what data feed shall you base your claim? DTN, Comstock,, Esignal, everybody else?

    I marvel at people who seem to be so in tune with the market that they can't contribute anything but criticism. 3 posts all on one thread and now they are experts.
  10. Another prime example of rules that work. A simultaneous new low on the SP Prem with a new high on the spoos spells instantaneous trend reversal.

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