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    Besides all trading, here is a PPM opportunity;


    Investment through PPM for shares of the company (Private Placement Memorandum)
    Expected ROI from the marketing start, an average of 20 percent per month
    500-700 percent in less than 18 months.
    Full Due Diligence
    For investors on shorter horizon; In-house market within 12 months to sell shares (The repurchase of the shares starts within 12 months operation)

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    A short description:


    To summarize, project is driven by Acotilo Corporation for the purpose of funding the company to become a major force in sports betting, currency betting (fixed odds), and online poker. We invite the participation of venture capital companies, private angel networks, and private individuals who are willing to invest in the fastest-growing industry on the Internet today. We have invested more than 6,000 man-hours to make this a successful venture for all involved. is a high profile project with funding from a single investor or a group of investors for the purposes of financing all related start-up fees associated with launching our company. We will create a sportsbook and poker service with a new approach: the first client-friendly, instantly withdrawable, and arbitrage-friendly bookmaker on the market. Our exit strategy is the sale of the company within three years, or if the sale would be delayed, we would set up a dividend policy for repurchasing the shares.

    Details (Parts of Executive Summary)

    YoBetit provides a 24-hour “sports betting service” for the top 10 sports and also has a poker room available for any private individuals who wish to work with a 100 percent honest bookmaking service. We will offer financial betting as one of our services, and this makes us unique in the business. This primary business service provides our clients access to a fair and honest service with instant deposits and withdrawals. One of our key advantages is the cooperation with the arbitrage suppliers on the sports betting markets; we will deliver the highest odds on the market and therefore will attract a large client base.


    According to the Independent Betting Arbitration Service (IBAS) alone, there are more than 600 online and offline bookmakers; of those, 40 percent are “niche bookmakers.” More than 500 million people place bets in the sport betting markets. Bookmaking industry 2003 indicates that betting services will reach $110.5 billion by 2007, up from $62.7 billion in 2002. Based on growth in the U.K., the U.S. market for “sports betting services” can be expected to develop into a huge multibillion-dollar industry by the year 2008, eclipsing the $300 billion mark (per annum) by the year 2012 worldwide. Presumably, the particular needs that drive market growth in the U.K. are no different in the United States.

    These are the strengths of the business opportunity:

    1) The global market is unfair and dishonest to the client.
    2) Asian, including Indian, markets are at a very early stage.
    3) The service is highly affordable and easy to sell and market.
    4) Arbitrage networks make the customers come by market price choice.
    5) Unique arbitrage trading services implemented in the sports book.
    6) Profit margins are high (10 percent of each event turnover).
    7) Market research indicates continued growth and high demand.
    8) Poker room will increase profit.
    9) Easy-to-market casino services will be added once sports betting is established.


    There are some very large betting companies on the market today that have a lot of customers. To name a few, we have William Hill, BetCRIS, Expekt, and Ladbrokes. All these super-large betting houses have many clients (several million clients altogether), and they all lack some very important elements in their services. They lack the “perfect” betting experience for the client, meaning they will not allow instant withdrawals, they will not connect an ATM card for clients to collect winnings instantly, they do not have 100 percent honesty toward the client, meaning the client agreement is often very bad for the client. And finally, they are not working with the arbitrage market; they are trying to stop a marketplace that is truly unstoppable. The lack of client rights is the strength of our business plan, which, in light of this scarcity, will be able to generate thousands of new customers rapidly while these conditions persist.

    Our primary competitor is not in the United States but is in the U.K., the successful company William Hill. We’ve based our company in great measure upon its achievements. The model is new to the global market, where only a couple of real competitors have emerged to address this huge market capable of supporting thousands of clients with instant money management and top market prices. We think that by replicating and improving upon the aforementioned “booming overseas model” that we will be able to make even more remarkable gains in the global market.

    Management is comprised of a highly experienced group of executives and upper-level managers of successful and recognizable firms. In the past, our founders have launched and grown start-ups into large thriving businesses. The collective stature of clientele and industry contacts that our principals and management maintain is significant.

    Expertise is divided according to organizational need in financial management, control and leadership, technology, operations, business development, and marketing.


    The company has detailed in a scientific manner in our business plan the prescribed methods in which we believe we can and plan to generate annual gross revenues of $333,073,731 by the end of fiscal 2010. These projections assume all start-up costs, advertising and marketing expenditure, growing technology requirements, salaries, commissions, and all expenses associated with operating the business (such as utilities, special purchases, etc.).


    We believe the ideal exit from this venture is the sale of the company. As a leader in the marketplace, “client-friendly, instantly withdrawable, and arbitrage-friendly” YoBetit, Inc., will be highly attractive for purchase. The acquisition of our company will allow a competitor to expand its customer base and personnel very quickly in a segment where brand name and market share are extremely important.

    A company usually sells for three times yearly revenue. By year three, we anticipate generating revenues of more than $170,000,000 with more than 100 employees. This revenue figure is in line with those of our overseas competitors. By generating $170,000,000 in revenues per year, YoBetit, Inc., will be worth $510,000,000 in a sale. This would bring our typical investor near 34 times profit on his or her investment (since funding makes up 20 percent of the total stock of the company).


    If we are not able to sell the company within three years, we will establish a dividend policy that redistributes money beyond the upcoming year’s budget directly to investors. We would set aside at least 15 percent of the company’s gross revenues for the purpose of dividend distribution. If operational revenues reflect $170,000,000 per year, an early-stage investor can expect to make a 170 percent return on his or her investment each fiscal year (since funding is 20 percent of the total company stock).

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