The Power of the Motley Fool

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by michaelscott, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. I was watching BRLC yesterday when this article from the Motley Fool came out:

    All of a sudden the price starts taking a heavy dive for the rest of the day on heavy volume.

    The price keeps diving and makes an intraday low of 5.3 today (yesterday it was trading as high as 6.1) when a new article comes out stating that they were wrong about BRLC and it shouldnt have been included in the article.

    The entire time I am thinking what has fundamentally changed? Nothing. The company was the same it was before and after the article. However, this tells me that there are a lot of wild hands in this stock who are ready to dump on one-bit of bad news, but who are just as ready to bid it back up.

    In in awwwww how one article from the Motley Fool can take a stock down substantially.
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    Thanks. I have watched headlines quite a bit in conjunction with a huge watchlist. At the end of the day I would see moves too big to be accounted for by technicals and knew it had to be news but Dow/PRNewswire/Businesswire had nothing, even google news search would turn up nothing. I found that some of it was due to medical industry news like FDA announcements sometimes being disseminated through channels not commonly known of, and some investment advisories can have an effect but there were plenty of examples still not accounted for. Cramer can have an effect. I never dreamed people were paying that much attention to Motley...