The power of multiple timeframes...

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by RangeTrader, May 20, 2012.

  1. Anybody here use multi-timeframe analysis like me?

    Higher timeframe technicals will blow out lower timeframe technicals when they align against the lower timeframes.

    These alignments occur nearly everyday in the 5's vs the 15's too.

    You can theorize about it if you want. Lots of people use multi-timeframe confirmation... But not many realize it's also perfectly relevant on even weekly/monthly charts.

    One good theory for it if you want to logicalize it is that traders trading off of daily/weekly/monthly timeframes are all synchronized in fear.
  2. In addition the weekly and monthly are aligned the exact same way...

    The next daily/weekly/monthly aligned market move downward should be mid next month... If we even manage to get a rally at the end of this month into next month.

    Well see... I don't care for trading during these types of moves that much. When the market just nonstop trends in a direction it starts to feel uncomfortable.

    When all cycles across daily/weekly/monthly align the moves are pretty amazing in this market... Now if only we could get a three week weekly rally we could align for a selloff for the record books...
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    I use monthly, weekly, daily, 2-60 hour(day session only and 24 hour), 3/1 Minute charts. Monthly/weekly for long term trading, rest for day trading. But in day trading, long term charts almost are useless for me cause duration of 3/1 minute trades, now if a trendline is approaching, I can reduce or extend my targets. Also, if trendline approaching and I have counter-trend trade signal, I will increase contract size 50%. Being in a trade on ave 6.50 minutes, monthly/weekly just isn't any advantage for me. But I think much has to do with duration of trade.
  4. Yea... A lot does have to do with duration of trade. I'm currently switching from 15-1hr long trades back to my higher range of 30m-2hr long trades because of market conditions.

    5-15 minute long trades are only easy during a bull market rally IMO...

    However, it is kinda important to know if a intraday hourly rally/selloff is likely to stick or fail even with 15m-1hr long trades. Daily/weekly does help you figure out the odds of that.