The power of mind: trading by remote-viewing :D

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    September 16 update

    All right already, what the hell is this big mystery adventure anyhow?

    OK - pay attention now and hang onto your pants, because I'm going to give it to you straight up:

    The goal is to make $100,000 in profits in 40 weeks which is from now to Ironman at the end of June. As I told you, all of the profit will be donated to the non-profit org that I am setting up, and some of it (not sure what percentage yet) will be split with the group of observers (that's you!!!).

    How am I going to make this kind of money? Well, basically, by 'betting' on the stock market. If you want to get technical about it, I trade futures contracts on the S&P 500 index. That's simply a way I can 'bet' on weather the stock market is going to go UP or DOWN. I am going to place 40 'bets' (trades) in 40 weeks, one per week trying to correctly predict the direction of the stock market for the following week.

    Each week I will place a 'bet' on the following week's stock market direction. If I determine that the stock market will go UP, or if I determine that the stock market will go DOWN, and I am correct, then I will 'win' an amount of money equal to how far the market went up, or down as the case may be. If I am INCORRECT in my prediction, then I will LOSE an amount of money equal to how far it went in the opposite direction as my prediction. Futures contracts are really that simple. Just like Vegas.

    Historically, my success rate in the past at doing this is about 85% correct. According to futures market data from the last year, I could expect to either win or lose an AVERAGE of around $6300 per week - that's how much the S&P 500 futures contract MOVES per week on average. If I take a conservative estimate of only being 70% correct, rather than my 85% historical rate, then in 40 weeks I could theoretically expect to earn my $100,000 profit goal.

    Now the big question: How exactly do I make those predictions? (here's where you hold onto your pants)

    By predicting the future using my PSYCHIC powers.

    Have I lost you yet?

    I'm serious. That was the simplest and most BLUNT way I could put it. I hate using the word "PSYCHIC", preferring "INTUITION", "ANOMALOUS COGNITION", "PRECOGNITION", "PARAPSYCHOLOGY" or "REMOTE VIEWING" instead. Much more scientific.

    In short, resulting from my research over the last 4 years, I have discovered a way to use your intuition (ok, use the word PSYCHIC POWERS if you really want) to predict the outcome of future events. Even random future events.

    You don't believe me do you? Well, before I get into explaining how it's done, let me just say this:

    If I suggested that you have the ability to deposit $1 into your bank account every day, you would probably believe me. But if I suggested that you could easily earn over a quarter million dollars, you wouldn't believe me.

    If starting at the age of 10, you deposited $1 into an interest bearing account every day, by the time you retired at 60, your account would have swelled to $237,000. What I'm getting at here has nothing to do with saving your money, or the effects of compounding interest. What I'm talking about is ABILITY. It takes a very SMALL amount of ability to produce a LARGE effect over time.

    If you have ever sensed correctly that the phone was about to ring, or thought of an old friend the day BEFORE you bumped into him at the mall, then you probably have a small amount of true intuitive ability. Ok - you have PSYCHIC POWERS. A Tiny amount. We all do - even if just a wee bit.

    This is about LEVERAGING that tiny little bit of strange and mysterious mental ability to make USE of it in your daily lives. Like gaining some insight into an important decision you need to make, discovering the meaning of the universe or finding a parking spot. In this particular case, we will hopefully be making money for ADVENTURESofGREG participants! (again, that's you!!!)

    How exactly does this work? Stay tuned.....

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    >The goal is to make $100,000 in profits in 40 weeks [using psychic ability]<

    Not fair, Harry. If you can peer into the future, you already know how much you've made (or lost) in 40 weeks.
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    I'll go brew some chai, light the nag champa.....would it help if I lit a candle?:D :D :D
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    .................dude..........I want to smoke what your smoking..........:p

    No really I've actually looked into remote viewing and I have met other trader who use it, one very succesfully, I just have never had the cahones to admit that I even considered it...good luck to you I will follow it for the entertainment value.

    I really hope you do well/

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    These remote viewers are scoring better stuff than I ever did.
  9. I just drink coke :). But hey it's not me !

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