The Pope is a liar

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    VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – The Vatican on Wednesday ordered a traditionalist bishop who denies the Holocaust to publicly recant his views if he wants to serve as a prelate in the Roman Catholic Church. The Vatican said Pope Benedict was not aware of Bishop Richard Williamson's denial of the Holocaust when the pontiff lifted excommunications on him and three other traditionalist bishops last month.

  2. Agreed, he's a liar.
    He played poker, and he lost.
  3. ======================
    Dont know if Pope Benedict is a serial liar or not;
    but if he is telling the truth, it sounds like he sinned [missed the mark] with the original lifting of excommunication.

    I wish the Pope & bishop ran thier business/ministry like a Baptist or Pentacostal Church;
    those Bible based Pastors wouyld have fired them both[pope & bishop:cool: ]

    Actually I am not sure at all they[pope & bishop] could get a job at a regular Bible church;
    for a man/pope to claim infallibility, is against the Holy Bible.

    Even though a strange %% of catholics seem to do silly things like that;
    a catholic did found SKY Angel TV, but its mostly Christians/Jews/Bible broadcasting.

    Strange/real strange, but true, not many catholics on that network[SKY Angel], a few are.