The poor design of the Electoral College

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Should the electoral college be scrapped?

  1. Yes. It is antiquated and unfair

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  2. No. It works quite well.

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  3. I don't know.

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  4. I don't care

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    Electoral college votes should be made to represent the outcome in each individual congressional district rather than statewide results. This would be the fairer method and would help eliminate the current disenfranchisement of voters in the various states where the outcome is already known. I think there are only a handful of states that go this way, Maine and Nebraska among a few others.
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    The electoral college exists to prevent voting fraud by national candidates targeting ever smaller concentrations of people to vote in block. It also insures that a politically controlled area cannot change the outcome of an election with voting intimidation and coercion to game a large voting block that could sway an entire national election.

    It also gives delegates the ability, after the fact, to see if there was widespread fraud in their districts and alter their votes if necessary to reflect the honest will of the majority. The Founding Fathers had seen it all in Europe and were no dummies. And they didn't trust the people to always know when widespread fraud was happening. So, they set the U.S. up as a Republic and not a Democracy.
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    So that's why the Ohio EC delegates changed their votes and voted for Kerry in 2004??? Except they didn't, although they should have.....

    ...a grass root organization's (aka 3rd party) candidate to win the election.

    Fixed that for ya....