the ponzi index

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by cmdtytrdr, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. I think we should now basically rename the s&p index the ponzi index if possible. let's at least be truthful since we're already broke.

    Reading obama's new initiative to now possibly temporarily ban foreclosures and bernanke's recent testimony basically seal the deal - for me at least.

    We were in a ponzi scheme as debts grew beyond our assets in this country and our means of growth and production have completely stagnated. private debt and public debt were enormous, but i think are now beyond repair with these new initiatives. i think our leadership now truly is engaging in a conscience ponzi scheme - whereas before they only thought they were really trying to do what was best based on their understanding of history and economics.

    keynes meets ben bernanke meets barack obama meets wall street greed has created the perfect nuclear storm.

    the ponzi will continue and grow. you have economists like stiglitz and krugman advocating for more stimulus measures since all the insanely easy monetary and fiscal policy already (ponzi scheme 1) were not enough.

    I now firmly believe that our leaders basically know something most americans haven't figured out. we are beyond the point of no return. fiscal and monetary policies will continue to run at full steam probably to avoid a complete revolution in the country. i think that's what they're afraid of and they dont think theres any probability of us returning to "real" growth so they've given up on running a real free market economy.

    there has been no retail buying in the stock market for probably a year and a half yet it keeps rising? even hedge funds are not really net long and mutual funds have seen huge redemptions. i think the ppt is totally real.

    we're all trading a ponzi index and ponzi stocks now, boys. the system is going to collapse soon. lots of governments are going to collapse and i think we're going to see a REAL war soon. keeping the ponzi up is just our governments gift to us for a couple more years of peace before things get really ugly.

    sure hope i'm wrong. i hope we can avoid the war part. the economic meltdown is a certainty to me at least. i think the ponzi index will be about 75% lower within 2-3 years, and maybe a lot sooner.

    just my two cents