The politics of you morons that smoke

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  3. Notice , none of the usual self righteous defense of smoking as a god given right.

    Even smokers , dumb as they are, know when to stfu

    Prob stepped out for a snort of cancer when they read this.
  4. Gee whiz guy, New Jersey just legalized pot. Tobacoo smosking is so passé. Nobody cares. If only we can get those tobacco smokers to smoke pot we could save a lot of lives. Honestly a whiff of second hand pot smoke never hurt anybody or changed your DNA, The surgeon general is a fool to allow pot smoking. You're eiuther a health care professional or you're not, what is the SG?
  5. In next years surgeon general's report, smoking will be declared to be more dangerous than radiation, and people will believe it.
  6. Hey res, long time...

    Never fear, with the tobacco lobby's corporate money in place, death sticks will always be here.

  7. Hey there Optional :), yeah it has.

    Yes, true politicians of all stripes will continue to sell out to big tobacco even as they fuel hysterias about first, second and even third hand smoke.

    A number of anti-tobacco activists were angry with Obama for signing the "Marlboro Monopoly Act"/ FDA regulation.

  8. What makes you think it's hysteria?

    I know some folks don't have enough imagination to realize that something done to you today can tear you a new asshole 10 or 20 years from now, but I didn't think et allowed people like that to register.
  9. I thought you were manning the kiddie line for the TSA.

    What happened????

    Did you check out for some of that scientology reflection?

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