The Politician's Problem

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  1. It is agreeable to say that the majority of powerful politicians are somewhat corrupt and that the majority of their decisions and motivations are based off of agenda's. Political parties now a days are like a close knit family. The only thing about this family is that it is very easy to be thrown out of. Think about if for a second. Being part of the political family means you have power and it also means you will continue to gain power. The power comes from seniority members that find you contributing to the overall goal and you thus gain their approval which means gaining their power as well. If however you think for yourself and find different answers that do not relate to the agenda and the master plan than you will undoubtably be neglected by the powerful members of the party which means losing your own power. Our current political system has created a famine of "yes men".

    So what is the problem with this system? The first problem is that our current political system creates an environment that is anti-independant thinking. Instead of creating an incentive to think freely and logically it creates an incentive to think what everyone else thinks because that is the only way to gain influence and power. Whens beliefs, motivations and agenda's are not honestly questioned within the party it creates a massive falsehood of logic.

    The solution to this problem is simple. The solution to the problem is to create incentives that motivate the elected official's to think for themselves and to think freely without worrying about what their seniors will think. In our current political system free thinking will only make a political career go backwards.

    In the future we will need political minds to actually discover what creates incentives for free thinking within a political system. Any political minds here willing to take a stab at it and actually offer up a solution?
  2. Yes, RioNeo,agree ''solution is simple''

    Certain laws are set up so there is a built in enforcement /reward.

    Like law of gravity, law of lift;
    and the tide always wins & ants store food for winter.

    So even if it takes 0.7- 4 years,or 7 or 8 years;
    MR. Bernard Baruch/speculator said vote for the politician who promises least, that way you will be the least disappointed . :cool:

    He started speculating in 1890.
    ''With rare exceptions,
    stocks are high because they are good;
    stocks are low because they are of doubtful value''