The Plunge Protection Team on CNBC

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bond tr4der, Nov 19, 2008.

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  2. PPT will probably intervene in the market tomorrow to stem a slide below our intraday lows on the Dow. I wouldn't be surprised to see a huge 500+ pt rally on negative news.

    Either that or the initial claims release shows miraculous and unexplainable (cough...erm.... data manipulation) improvement.
  3. all that matters is the last hour anyway. thats where most of the gains/losses are made
  4. "conspiracy theory, black helicopters, second shooter... blah-blah-blah.... "

    but watch PPT burn shorts once again in the next two days. you may change your mind....

  5. S2007S


    You DO NOT WANT A RALLY TOMORROW, a rally will only prolong this market drop, you want to see the DOW break lows tomorrow and close down at least 5% followed by another steep drop on Friday, IF we could get a 1000 point sell off over the next 2 days that could take out most sellers and make this market stronger going into 2009, having these strong runs off 8000 is not what you want, a sell off that would take everyone out the market is what you want, a rally tomorrow and just forget about getting long again, it will be time to add more shorts and sit back and wait patiently for DOW 7000.
  6. Oh no no more down day and then the stupid ass PPT will give us like a 1,000 point day up...can't have three down days in a row you know - market conditions be damned! It will be some fucked up convoluted thing too - gee, the big three auto makers are screwed - what a buying opportunity...and C, GS, MS, BAC and the rest will rise on such bullshit!
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