The plot thickens..

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  1. "President Obama appealed to Egypt to honour its international obligations and protect the embassy, if they don't that's okay too, the White House said in a statement."
  2. But in real terms- means the muslims are sick to death with with the jews
  3. I am agnostic- so dont give a damm who wins- a huge number of muslims in the region- the jewish state has to rely on British/americans to unleash Nukes, then the russians get involved
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    The situation in the Middle East will not end well. It may take months or decades for all I know, but at some point, it will end badly.

    There are just too many "not-so-bright" Muslims out there. MAD doesn't work with them. They are very easily riled up and manipulated.
  5. Is it possible to create 2 different nations exclusively for Jews and Muslims?

  6. Jews and Muslims are 2 different nations. :mad: .

    4 Military personal on the ground....could these be "advisors" gearing up for more troops.

    Humm Vietnam started the same way.

    First OBAMA say's Air only. Never any troops..... now, all be it 4 key military advisors, we will soon see where this goes.

    PASS THIS BILL..., the only thing the idiot can say right now.
  8. "Boots on the ground" doesnt work in 2011- just rely on air power and subs training their missiles on concentrated sites- then have collateral damage- a no win political situation- we could destroy afanfanistan if we wish too- but Obama/Cameron to scared to unleash the power of the Trident Missile
  9. as far as Libya is concerned that a different of fish- even the french are involved- still no germans though!- does history repeat itself?
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