The Pirate Pose

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  1. For those of you who are disinclined to use the link without knowing the subject, it's an article written by Tom Wolfe about the men who run hedge funds. Someone who tags himself as Steve-Cohen left a feedback comment.
  2. I read the article and more than anything it made me want to liquidate my assets and move to a far off desert island where fat loud types like the hedge fundie mentioned in the article maybe maybe maybe sees on a cruise stop.

    Great writing, disturbing content.
  3. You don't get it. The loud fat types are already there with bank accounts that never saw the US, or the IRS. When the shit hits the fan, they will physically be there, as well.

    These people are an ilk unto themselves. Animals. They asked the Republicans what they least liked about America. I least like Steven Cohen, Daniel Loeb, Icahn, Pickens. No talent manipulative bullys. Oh, and the Politicians who take their money. I hate them too.

    I don't think, after Jeff Royer, they'll be able to bribe any FBI agents, though. Say goodnight Gracie.
  4. Uh yeah, I do get it...apparently you don't. 2nd world ain't the Bahamas. :D
  5. Bermuda and Costa Rica. But why quibble?:D
  6. Costa Rica isn't an island and Bermuda isn't the type of island I was talking about. Caribbean is too close to the US. There are 2nd world islands in the S. Pacific that isn't on the normal fat white loud American/British route and if I went 10 years without seeing one of those people I'd be okay, but that's practically impossible nowadays.

    No need to quibble, but you took what I said, stated that I was incorrect, and then slandered it and used a non-island country to make a point somehow. :D
  7. All in fun. But get my point. Howell Woltz bragged to an undercover IRS agent that Duess had a plane standing by to take him away in the event of arrest. Do you not thing the elite of NYC have the same deal? Where ever you go, they've probably already got digs waiting. I mean, if one guy is paranoid enuf to have a titanium shell built over his palace, you don't thing they have "contingency" plans?
  8. I get that point definitely. There are places that are feasible to escape to and not notice those so much. Whether even someone like me could stand them is of another variety of question I guess.

    The elite of NY would rather be somewhere that I'd not choose though most likely...I'm talking about an island that is devoid of real tourist enclaves other than secluded resorts maybe, which is all the better because I don't want to see in. Been thinking more and more about it...we'll see, now I have to talk my wife into it! :D
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    A poorly written mish mash that reveals more about Wolfe's assumptions that color his perception than it does about his main cast of hedge fund characters. Gross vulgarity is certainly a side effect of money run amok but to paint everyone with the same brush is a real stretch. The attack on PTJ certainly didn't tie in well with the scattered logic and theme of the piece.That Wolfe, an accomplished writer brandishing his weapon of choice, had such difficulty in coherently skewering his intended target is symptomatic of the overall weakness of his generalized theme. Ironically it seems that what he and other of his ilk take umbrage to is that there are a group of people who because of their newfound wealth are not bound/controlled by the conventions of the old elite. It really isn't anything new, happens every few generations with the fading elites whining and nit picking at the new lot because they know they are being replaced at the the top of the food chain and are powerless to stop the onslaught of change. "Poetic justice!", those of us lower down the food chain might exclaim.
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