The Picture Speaks Volume About U.S. Greatness

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  1. Since 9/11 of the Twin Towers being knocked down, there were dozens of towers equal or more height having been erected around the World. But at the ground zero, two beams of lights are still used to represent what ever lofty spirit people can claim, but it is only a mirage, not a real building.
  2. Thats deep.
  3. 1) Dozens?.....12 or more?.....WTF?......! must be Oriental?......maybe 3 at most that are "properly" taller without relying on architectural ornamentation and antenna towers. :mad:
    2) According to some reports, the Burj Building is empty and dark. :eek:
    3) Pending projects expected to be taller than 1,300 feet can easily run into financing trouble and be diminished or scrapped altogether. :(

  5. It is a fucking disgrace, everyday i walk by the site I feel angry and embarrassed. This attack is the greatest tragedy/insult to recent US history since pearl harbor, but instead of say fuck you to the terrorists and rebuild the towers to show american resolve. TEN years later we are just starting the constructions, with so much political bullshit and infighting going on. And now this mosque crap, meanwhile places like china have transformed entire cities in less time.

    The terrorist is probably laughing their ass off looking at this mess. I never understood why the federal government or the city cant just say "here's a few billion, get this fucking done in 2 years" with the amount of money they are wasting, this is table scrap.

    When pearl harbor was hit, the entire country ramped up immediately and we became a war machine that destroyed the nazies in a few years. And now we cannot build a few fucking buildings in TEN years.

    It is just so sad how much america has changed.
  6. It's people like you that's the reason. What gives a shit about how many buildings are taller or with/without antennas.

    This is a symbol of american strength not just two buildings, every year it's not rebuilt it's an insult to the whole country.
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  9. building tall towers is plain stupid. it is akin to augmenting one's penis via surgery and then waving it for everybody to see.

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