The Phelps Moment

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  2. Fritos corn chips?!! THATS RACIST!!!

  3. Where would the ET Rightsters be without photoshop?
  4. Lucrum


    Where would the flaming liberal Canadians be without US politics to obsess over?
  5. bpcnabe


    Photoshop is more closely affiliated with Macs, used by artists and students. I guess that would be your typical rightwinger, eh?
  6. Which artiste created the photo in the opening post? Or the one where Obama is Hitler? Or the Joker? Or with a bone through his nose? Or holding a phone the wrong way? And so on. And so forth.
  7. Apt metaphor for how they reason.
  8. bpcnabe


    Dude (?), we can spend all day trading doctored photos if you like, like the one with Bush and a Hitler mustache, or the Bush vampire, or the American Gothic "retouch" or the McCain/blood dripping photos or Palin holding a rifle in bikini, or fkbsuhites' numerous doctored Tea Party photos. The list goes on and on. So get off your soap box. Your protestations ring hollow.

    As to the Joker poster, drumroll please....done by a student - a Democratic, Kucinich supporter no less:
  9. Sorry, my mistake. I didn't know I was talking to an adolescent, dude.
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    sorry then. Dudette.

    Feel better?
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