The Petraeuses Were Living High

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    Was Obama buying the General's loyalty?

    In our quite-proper admiration for those at the highest ranks of the armed forces, we may have forgotten that some brave men and women dressed in green can be as tempted and manipulated by greenbacks as anyone else.

    What are we to make, therefore, of this fact? On top of Gen. Petraeus' sizable government salary, CNSNews reports that since last year his wife Holly, the victim of Petraeus' alleged affair with author Paula Broadwell, has been enjoying a $187,605 salary as an assistant director within the Dodd-Frank law's new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

    Obama has made sure the Petraeuses were well within the top 1% (courtesy of the 99%, of course), with a combined government-provided annual income not too far from $400,000.

    The CFPB, which is expected to destroy thousands of small banks, is funded by the Federal Reserve, so Congress has no oversight over it. Indeed, Mrs. Petraeus' post is not subject to Senate confirmation.